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    Price of Gyro's

    It's good to see that Gyros are so reasonably priced that anyone can afford one. :)
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    PRA38 at Rotors Over the Rockies 2014

    Chapter 38 had 5 members in attendance at this years Rotors over the Rockies- @ aircraft from our chapter participated. Thomas Fernandez won the GRAND CHAMPION ROTORCRAFT award (Gyrobee). Chapter 38 president Mark Shook won the PILOT and Machine Award (Xenon) awarded by a majority vote of the...
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    DAY 1 2014 Rotors over the Rockies
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    2014 Annual Report - PRA chapter 38

    PRA Chapter 38 held our 3rd Anniversary membership meeting this Jan 2014. Chapter 38 grew from our original 6 members in 2010, to 19 by Jan 2012, 31 in Jan 2013, to our current 44 members as of Jan 2014. Chapter members Experimental Rotorcraft (autogyro's and gyrocopters) have grown to 16...
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    4 Quarter - 10-19-2013 - PRA 38 - chapter meeting

    Colorado Rotorcraft Association PRA Chapter 38 Meeting Report Saturday October 19th 2013 Saturday Oct 19th was a beautiful fall day in the Rockies. Seven members attended our fourth quarter chapter meeting . All 7 attending own rotorcraft and are pilots. Attending were, Mark Shook (2...
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    Do gyros handle wind better than fixed wings?

    Points to Ponder. ( Originally published in Western Rotorcraft... And reprinted here in the Chapter 38 achieve) If you live in a windy area of the country, what light sport aircraft is the best for windy conditions? If you tell most fixed wing pilots how great gyros handle the wind, they think...
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    Western Rotorcraft - November issue-

    Flight of Two in Class C Airspace LINK> Western Rotorcraft CURRENT Issue >
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    (Part 2) Flight of Two in Class C Airspace

    Published with Photos In the November Issue of Western Rotorcraft On Page(s) 4-5 & 6 LINK> Flight of 2 in Class C Airspace. By Mark S. Shook Since the dawn of time, man has dreamed of flying like the birds. Soaring high above his...
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    Flight of Two

    Published (with Photo's page 11-12) in the September issue of Western Rotorcraft at: Flight of two ABOVE THE BLACK FOREST FIRE It was a warm summer morning in the Pikes Peak Region a few days after the devastating Black...
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    PRA38 meeting - Sat Sept. 14th 10am

    3rd Quarter - Quarterly Meeting of the Colorado Rotorcraft Association - PRA chapter 38. Saturday- September 14th at 10:00 am Meadow Lake Airport Hangar 8400 - 8400 Cessna Drive - Peyton Colorado 80831. Meeting Agenda 10:00 am - Call to order 1. Introduction of members and guests 2...
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    PRA Advisory Council Election - Mentone 2013

    In the past year, the PAC went from an idea to reality with approval of our by-laws and the start of discussion on issues important to the PRA membership. A review of the PRA association By-laws was begun a few months back under the direction of vice chairman Dean Dolph. Dean will be reporting...
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    PRA38 supports Meadow Lake Airport West Ramp Dedication.

    Airport Association President Dave Elliott addresses the crowd of airport supporters. LINK to slideshow of over 160 photo's of the event.> LINK to slideshow...
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    Fire in Black Forest - Aftermath

    Fire starts on the west side of Black Forest and is whipped by 30 mph winds, and compounded by 9% humidity, and 96 degree temps. Those evacuated from their homes days ago wait to be cleared by the Sheriff to return. 511 homes destroyed making this the worst fire in...
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    Black Forest Fire - First Day

    Colorado is on fire again this summer. I took these shots (before the airspace was restricted ) on Tuesday, (the first day of the fire) from the Xenon. Humidity on Tuesday was 9% with a temp of 96 degrees F. This is about 5 miles north of Meadow Lake Airport ( where Chapter 38...
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    Spring -Quarterly Meeting - PRA38 - SAT. 5/4 10AM

    Program: 10am - TBA BBQ at Noon Please R.S.V.P. So we can get a head count for the BBQ. See you there ! Spring -Quarterly Meeting - PRA38 - SAT. 5/4 10AM MEETING LOCATION HAS BEEN CHANGED For directions and Map, see PRA38 website.
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    Chapter 38 congratulates Britta Penca. PRA's newest gyro CFI

    Chapter 38 congratulates Britta Penca. Britta is the sports newest Gyro CFI. See Britta's story in the April issue of Western Rotorcraft Magazine. Link> PHOTO: Britta and Mark taken at Meadow Lake Airport during their visit to Colorado.
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    1st Quarter PRA 38 Chapter meeting SAT 3/2

    This Saturday 3/2 at 10AM is our first Quarter 2013 Chapter meeting. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Current status of chapter members aircraft review. 3. 2013 events 4. Refreshments 5. Flying - I will be available to give rides in the 2 place Xenon RST after...
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    AAT Zenon Zen 1 AVIATION ARTUR TRENDAK ZEN1 winter flying - YouTube
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    GyroCopter -vs- GyroPlane

    GyroCopter vs GyroPlane I fly planes. But the planes I fly have a fixed wing. I fly copters too. Gyro Copters and Helic Opters. The translation of the definition of the word helic- opter fits both a helicopter and a gyrocopter. This nonsense about Bensen's and other early machines being...