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    Full Scale Drawing Of Rotor Head

    Thanks for the file. Can any of you open this file ? Perhaps im just too dumb.... but it wont open on my older computer. Thanks guys
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    Manual pre-rotator

    Good evening fellow rotorheads, Than gentleman's name was Rufas Howard. He was a longtime member of P.R.A. chapter 25, the Badger Mini Choppers. Tom Milton may know him. I believe his pre rotator was featured in an issue of Rotorcraft magizine in the early or mid 1980ies.
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    Bill Piper's U-Joint Rotorhead

    I believe at least one club member was flying a Gryo with that rotor head. The tests showed the U-joint would surpass by far, any amount of G forces a Gyro would or could ever produce. Tommy Milton may remember the tests as he knew the club members in the Milwaukee chapter. That Gyro was...
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    Bill Piper's U-Joint Rotorhead

    More info on that.... It was P.R.A. chapter 25, " The Badger Minichoppers" Between 1975, and 1982.
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    Bill Piper's U-Joint Rotorhead

    Gentleman, Back in the mid seventies the P.R.A. chapter members tested just such an arrangement to destruction. It was before my time with the club but i heard about what several very intelligent, skilled members created. The tests, and results were written about in Popular Rotorcraft Flying, of...
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    Hi Alan. I saw your add on Facebook for the rotor head. I'm not very familiar with F.B. so I'm...

    Hi Alan. I saw your add on Facebook for the rotor head. I'm not very familiar with F.B. so I'm not sure you got my message there. Please contact me at this email address. [email protected] And please send any pics you have to that same address. Thank You, Todd Pare (JETROCK)
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    Rotor Head

    Need a used single place Aircommand or Bensen style rotorhead. AND Brock style throttle quadrant.
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    Looking for Training in Wisconsin

    Justin, Mike, I'm building an ultralight Gyro ( Falcon/ Sparrow) here in Milwaukee. Feel free to message me if your interested in exchanging info. Jetrock
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    Hi, I'm looking for an Air Command style rotor head for a single place ultralight Sparrow Gyro. Thanks
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    When floks ask what is it like to fly. What do you tell him?

    I tell people " If you've ever imagined what its like to fly on Harry Potters broomstick, that's what its like !! My ultralight friends would interject, " Its like flying a jet powered rock, when the engines running, its like a jet...when the engine quits, its like a rock" !!
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    Original Gyrobee Plans Right Here

    Mike, I thought the P.R.A. was supposed to create an area on its website that members could upload plans such as this as a favor to each other and as a service to the membership ? Having access to free plans and building information is a benefit just in itself that makes membership in the...
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    Tall Tail Plans

    Mike 484 or Cbonnerup,please send me your email address's I have something for you.
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    P.R.A. convention Updates

    Greetings Rotorheads. I thought the P.R.A. fly-in was going on this week ?? How can it be that there has not been one word said about it on this board ? I don't expect to see updates on the P.R.A.'s web site as its virtually never updated, but here I did. Isn't anyone there ? I'm planning on...
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    To Give Away

    Kandace, Im interested in your gyro parts...and will give you something for well as come and pick them up,as I'm in Milwaukee. Thanks, Todd Pare (jetrock)
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    My turn

    J bird, Any more progess on the corvair engine ??
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    Bee Different Photos

    WOW what a neat machine !! Does anyone have pictures of the inside of that beautifull tail...or plans ?? Anyone know how much the tail weigh's ?
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    Anisoptera is on the way

    Mike, It look's like you used radius'ed 2x2 tube, How far from the edges are you drilling your holes? Where did you get your tube ? Did it arrive in useable condition ? Thanks,JETROCK
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    3DRV Plans

    Arrio, Wiplash, I plan to start my 3drv build in the next couple of weeks. If anyone is interested I'll start a build thread. JETROCK
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    Arizona GyroBee

    Greg, I, as I'm sure many others, would like to see some pics of your tail being built,plans for it or how much it weighe's. Great looking ship !! Jetrock
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    New Sparrow Build

    Thanks, I was trying to find that answer before I ordered the stock. All the pics on their gallery(Starbee) show non radius'ed tubing.