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  1. Rowdyflyer1903!

    Suggestions for trim systems

    A lot of designers are installing linear actuators for their trim systems. Any suggestions on these and other solutions? What is the estimation of force needed to remove stick pressures felt by the pilot in a "typical" tandem two place machine?
  2. Rowdyflyer1903!

    Wunderlich Pre-rotator Friction Wheel Assembly

    Looking to Buy Wunderlich/Calumet Friction Wheel assembly.
  3. Rowdyflyer1903!

    Alphabet soup

    My frustration at the misuse of acronyms is at an all time high. Defining/spelling out the acronym then using the acronym will help the writer with his or her misconception that your audience actually knows what the acronym means. Does this Forum have an area where these acronyms are defined...
  4. Rowdyflyer1903!

    Ground effect

    Here is a question. When you are dealing with ground affect in a fixed wing airplane, the additional efficiency of the airplane wing is due to the disruption of tip vortices when the aircraft is with in a certain wing length of the ground. How does ground affect in gyro relate? I swear I...
  5. Rowdyflyer1903!

    Photography from a Gyroplane

    I am a licensed SEL Instrument pilot plus a commercial UAS Pilot. The FAA is very strict on an UAS pilot who is not licensed and post such images on Youtube where anyone could be seen as making a profit from the video posted. The law is very strict and very broad. Almost any video posted could...