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    Russian coaxial

    Russian coaxial heli... Aeromechanics Micron
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    Calm forced landing Might have to copy and paste above into browser
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    Tour de France heli

    Anyone watching? Does that helicopter pilot and film crew have the best job in the world? They seem to spend a lot of time cruising around filming beautiful scenery. Those runs along rugged mountain ridges are magnificent! (The bicycle racing is pretty good too!)
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    A cheap place in Oz?

    Hey Birdy ... bad luck ... looks like your neighbour went broke ... you gonna buy him out? RM Williams Agricultural Holdings, the private carbon farming and cattle company run by former News Ltd chief Ken Cowley has been placed into...
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    Large scale remote control helicopters for spraying crops: Japan

    Large scale remote control helicopters for spraying crops: Japan
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    Interesting story from Norman Surplus' Globex round the world gyrocopter blog

    Interesting story from Norman Surplus' Globex round the world gyrocopter blog page (Yes, he is still working at the mission!) Large remote control helis routinely used in Japan to spray rice crops: (I hope he does not mind the photo links)...
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    Aging gracefully.

    I pointed to two old drunks across the bar from us and said to me mate: "That'll be us in ten years." He said, "That's a mirror, dickhead.”
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    Here ya go Birdy! Money for nothing..... fires may be worth money!

    Gotta love this: They seem to have forgotten the whole logic behind the carbon credits concept - they could have just as easily achieved the same thing by a local council regulation requiring burning off at a certain time of the year. Burning savanna creates carbon credit cash From: AAP...
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    Ideal Job for a gyrocopter? Shark Patrol

    Shark attacks prompts more aerial patrols The Age Date August 30, 2012 Aerial patrols of Perth beaches are to start a month earlier than usual because of a recent spate of shark attacks. Surf Life Saving WA said the state government had provided funding, allowing it to patrol the...
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    light plane take off problems

    Perhaps very lucky to get away with this:
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    China TV content... interesting re US

    Just sitting in cheap hotel in Hubei province, stuck with the TV on Chinese channels I can't understand while I do a bit of work (read - browsing Rotary Forum), but I've been surprised by some of the content. First, I saw a commentary on the naval war in the Pacific in WWII - lots of black and...
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    Software Eureqa comes up with fundamental mathematical laws

    This software may interest some of the more technical in here. (ie, it looks interesting to me, but is not of much use to me:suspicious:) "Eureqa takes raw data and fumbles and bumbles and trims and fits until it has the most economical and elegant equations needed to characterize the...
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    MD500 flying in NZ

    Probably been posted before - but some serious flying! 500 abuse - YouTube
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    helicopter electric hybrid safer autorotation

    Helipaddy put this on another thread, but it did not attract much attention: Is seems to me to be a major step forward? Eurocopter has successfully tested a new safety feature on an AS350...
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    Helluva story: Raven FACs in Laos

    Amazing stories - these guys suffered about 30% combat losses: here: Extract of a flying story (Cessna U17): The Night the Lights Went Out By: Don Moody The more Bob and I flew together it seemed like the more chances we were willing to take...
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    From “Made In China” To “Made In The USA”

    ... here is some good news for the USA ... sees to me to be an inevitable trend "...As labor costs rise in China — along with steep fuel and transportation costs to ship merchandise back home — the idea of making goods in the U.S.A. starts to look better to American companies..." ... here...
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    Intermeshed RC Gyro

    Tragschrauber mit Flettnerrotor Video - FUNKE - MyVideo
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    Snark UAV - made in NZ !

    New Zealand built UAV - the Snark - sounds a real winner: mainly Carbon Fibre and Kevlar, light and fast (280 km/h), quiet (special rotor blades make it extremely quiet ), virtually invisible to radar or infrared detetection (it recycles its exhaust gases and emits little heat) carry a...
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    d-dalus flying platform

    This one sure looks interesting: hard to imagine it really being "virtually silent".
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    Another New flyer - the Hoverbike!

    but it is designed to fly : On Gizmag : Hoverbike