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    McCutchen rotor blades

    Looking for McCutchen rotor blades. With or without the hubbar.
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    AC low rider parts

    Although this is a "gyro plane forum" it amazes me how hard it is to to get some respond when I ask if anyone has parts to sell for rebuild a low rider Air command !?
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    Parts for an Aircommand low rider.

    Looking for Aircommand parts to rebuild an old style one seater. Including the composite rotor blades.
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    Nose pod

    Looking for a NOSE POD for my Air Command, (CLT). I took off the Fiberglass Enclosure, for a while. every, little pod, will do.
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    Old style AC

    Gentlemen: By coincedence I found that the Aircommand I bought on ebay still can be seen. For the ones who readed mij story and who are interested : Search in google: ebay gyrocopter aircommand Please put commend on it.:rapture: Grt, job
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    upgrade kit aircommand

    First, I'm still figgering out how to use this forum at my best. I find it a little hard to find back the reactions on things I wrote. This is my first new thread on the forum. The other messenges I wrote where reactions to other members. So if I understand well, When you put a new thread it...