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    Wanted RAF fuel tank

    I'm trying to help my friend locate a fuel tank. please email particulars to [email protected] Thanks for the help.
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    Subaru fuel injection computer wanted

    If anyone has a FIC for a 2.5 Sub they wish to part with please contact me thru my e mail: [email protected]
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    My Sport Copter M 912 Vortex Build

    I am relatively new to Gyros--built my RAF 2000 in 06 and enjoyed flying it for 300+ hrs but wife doesn't share my enthusiasm so decided to try my hand at something more responsive with better rough field handling, hence the M 912. Placed my order Aug 2010 but Jim had not finalized design at...
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    electric trim (Pitch) for RAF 2000.

    I am in the market for a Duff Norton model PLM 100-1-150W electromechanical linear actuator for my RAF 2000 which has the LED panel readout. I can be reached by e mail at: [email protected], or on my cell at 602-363-8358. Walt George
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    Where have all the "magic bushings" gone?

    Does anyone have the rubber mast bushings for sale for the RAF? Availabiliity, not cost is my concern. my hangermate Cal has been talking to RAFSA without much success. He says he is being quoted $200.freight for 4 lbs--I find that hard to believe. Has anyone tried any substitue materials...
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    Stick shake--is there some voodo science involved??

    I hve been flying my RAF 2000 for several years with minimal fore-aft stick shake. This was always solo. I recently flew with my instructor- and the shake was severe-about 1.5" fore and 1.5" aft. Chord wise balance was spot on. Some tracking error was noted and corrected. This resulted in...
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    Suub 2.5 with a Quirkey start

    My Suub fuel injected 2.5 runs great but usually won't start on the first crank, even after 10-15 secs. However if you turn the ignition switch to off while cranking and then immediatley back to run it always starts immediately. It makes no difference if the first crank time is 3 secs or 20...
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    Quick and Secure Gyro Hanger

    Two of my gyro mates and I recently purchased a wrecked 53' Wabash semi trailer box for $2000. We spent another $2,000 repairing the box and adding a high double door in the front. Moving expense was about $400 (50+ mi). We negotiated a 10 yr lease with the airport (p48) here in the Phx area at...
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    Fatal Safari Helecopter Crash in Arizona--two dead

    Iv'e been curious as to why there has been very little mention of the fatal crash referenced above on the forum. The chopper lost its rotar while flying down I-17 as confirmed by eye witnesses and the NTSB report that described the position of the rotar in the debris field. If this had happened...
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    RAF keel extension

    I am planning on doing a 24" keel extension on my RAF. After reading Greg G.'s post on dynamic stability as relates to the moment arm for the HS this makes sense. I have spoken with Dan Parham who advised me he used to offer this kit consisting of 24" of 2"x 4" x 1/8" 6061-T6 Al tube with 4"x8"...
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    How to partial quote a post

    Guys, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but after three years on the forum I still can't do a partial or multiquote in my responses to a post. Must be the ultimate slow learner!! Please help this retard!!!
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    RotaMax crashes

    On Sept 4,2008, a FW RotaMax powered pusher, Identified as a Sadler Vampire, crash landed in a stone quarry shortly after TO from the airport at Findlay Ohio. The pilot sustained minimal injuries and reported a loss of engine power before the crash. The story is reported in the local paper, The...
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    A new serious injury RAF accident

    I just received a call from FAA wanting some technical info on RAF accident South of Indianapolis yesterday. Aircraft pitched/rolled inverted from about 100 ft alt. Multiple fractures to lower extremities. Pilot's name is Warren Maddox (sp?) according to caller from FAA. I don't know if he's a...
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    "Arizona Pride"

    Here are a few shots of my RAF completed Jan 06; Gyro SP license Oct 06; flew 100+ hours 06.