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    Blade wrapping.

    I have a set of metal bensen/Brock blades on my kb2.These are the ones with the air gaps between sections.would wrapping with vinyl be possible.I mean the stuff car fans cover their cars with.just a thought I'd like to throw out to all you experts.thank you.
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    I'm not a new member but, I've been very I'll for over a year and half(big C).still read the forum avidly daily but couldn't contribute.I know its not the right place but don't know how this new regime works with all those symbols that I don't understand. I have a set of bensen/Brock blades on...
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    Brock teeterstands

    I need a set(2) of teeter stands, ,( the plates that the teeter bolt goes through).for abrock kb2. Any help would be appreciated.Thank you in anticipation..
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    Bensen gyroglider manual

    Morning everyone(well it is here) As a newbie ive been iold to get hold of the bensen gyroglider manual. Can anyone say ,is there adownload of this anywhere Thanks in anticipation.
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    carb heat

    I have a kb 2 wjth 1835 vw engine .Its got two carbs ( one for each 2 cylinders )and single magneto ignition.No otherelectric source. Is there any way to get carb heat_ into the engine. I know someone out there will have an answer.You nuts always seem to.
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    tracing origin of engine build

    Hi everyone out there in gyro land. Could any one of you with the great knowledgeyou seem to have. Is it possible to trace the builder of my brock 1835 vw engine from its crankcase number. I know that two firms built engines for Brock in the 1980,s.Thank s in anticipation.Diadave.
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    a newbie from the uk.

    Hi everyone a newbie from the uk Ive got hold of a brock kb2 and ive joined your great forum to find out all I can about this machine.
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    ken brock (infowanted]

    Hi everyone. This my first post on your great forum.I am wanting any build ,p ilot orany flight info on my KB2.It has the VWbeetle type aircooled engine with 1835cc capacity.thanks in anticipationof help in this matter. Asyou can pprobably tell I,m from the uk.but please:yo: don't hold this...
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    ken brock kb2(any info)

    :lalala:My first post so be gentle.A newbie from the uk. I have akb2 with no papers as the builder, arolls engineer, was the mechanic also.I would like any info or logs etc on anything about this machine. It has an 1835cc vw beetle type aircooled engine.Thanks in anticipation.diadave