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    AeroMomentum Engines

    Put one in my North Wing trike 5yrs ago, great engine very good on fuel 2.25 GPH.
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    Titanium Explorer - #5 in USA

    Way to go Chris, keep haven fun.!
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    Yamaha 3CYL 130FI weight?

    I weighed mine without the gearbox 118#.
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    Short field take off.

    great sound on the second video.
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    I would very much like to read a copy also, making it accessable online would be great.
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    Rules and Regs regarding international flight

    Hi I live an fly in panama an C/R, you will not have any problems here, Nicaragua, you can only fly transet to Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, I am not sure, but I no other pilots who have flown down from the U.S., you will need to check with embassy of each country, an pre fill flight plans, I...
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    a question from ground school

    EVERYONE These discussions are great and needed for new gyro pilots, I am leaning a great deal reading this one, please keep it going. ******
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    Abid, Greg - Silverlight Aviation - Recommendation

    Thanks Abid, That is a really nice looking trike, I notice the large wheel pants, and was wondering, I have a set I got from Buddy yrs ago, and have large truff tires on the Magni, how do you think they mite work, or would I be asking for trouble ??
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    Helping each others Goals

    I like you Jake--I think Vance will do good.
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    Abid, Greg - Silverlight Aviation - Recommendation

    Very nice Abid, you should put pics of the others also--Trike and tail-drager
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    speaking of seats, anyone got any suggestions on how to improve the comfort leave of the Magni m16 seats, they are really bad.
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    2015 Mentone PRA convention PILOT AND MACHINE honors

    Congratulations Chris, way to go, I could not make Mentone this yr, but was watching all the goings on from afar.
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    Abid, do you sell the helmet that Greg has been using ? I have a Micro-air from England, and...

    Abid, do you sell the helmet that Greg has been using ? I have a Micro-air from England, and need to know if the plug is the same etc.send me your ph.# I will give you a call. Paul
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    Insane to fly from US to Colombia?

    I live and fly a Magni in Panama, and just got back from Nicaruagua, tring to get some thing set up for atrip there, so far you can only fly transit in Nica. I will know more in a month or so, I know you will need to contact all the country's ahead of time and a flight Plane is required, here...
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    Zephyrhills Fly-In Saturday

    Hey way to go Greg, see it did not take very long did it.
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    P740 engine for gyroplane

    We have lots of China made Motorcycles here in Panama, and the engines are always having problems, internal parts not heat treated correctly,etc.etc., an very hard to get parts for some models, personally I would be very wary of the engine, until tested for a good long time----good luck----just...
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    Forum Upgrade Coming

    Todd,this is a great forum, with an endless amount of information, it would be real bad if some of it where lost into computer space-------IF IT WORKS LEAVE IT ALONE-- JUST MY THOUGHTS
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    Radiator flow direction

    You can push water from the front or the back and it will work fine,
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    Bensendays pics

    leaving Panama wen eve, only flight I could get, to Tampa will be there on thursday, only the second B/D for me but am looking forward to it, have spoke to a few folks on the Phone in the past am looking forward to meeting them in person. Paul
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    Anyone Know who these Pilots are??

    the 2nd one looks like Frank, a pilot that works and lives in Costa Rice, at the Flying Crocodile, works with Guido. They have a web site.