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    flight Manual

    Does anyone have a copy of The Gyroplane Flight Manual, by Paul Bergen Abbott, that they would be willing to sell at a fare price, I am new to Gyros and am reading everything I can, it is all very interesting.:help: Thanks, Paul
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    loading photos

    Can someone tell me the best way to load photos onto the forum for discussion I am currently working on the A/C elite and would like to get some input on the rotor system etc. but am not great on a computer, using a mac. Thanks. Paul:
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    Hi everyone, from Panama, I have gotten very interested in your group for many reasons, first when I read the thread on the Yamaha 120 hp, I just finished a Suzuki 1300 project on a Nothwing Trike, very rewarding, an a blast to fly, I have always looked for alternative motors for Rotax. I have...