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    LittleWing LW-3 For Sale

    LittleWing built in 2007, N503AG, all logs, airworthiness certificate Rotax 582, 25 ft. DragonWings 60 hours on airframe, approx 150 hours on engine, electric start, runs well $19,999 I have owned it a little over a year and have flown it 25 or so hours......there are no issues. I am...
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    25 ft. McCutchen Skywheels For Sale-$2700

    I have a very very good condition like new set of 25 ft. Skywheel blades. These are not the "new" blades being built now but the older design but they look almost new. Total time is not known but obviously they are not high time blades. Price is $2700 they are located in South Louisiana.
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    23 ft x 8" chord Phoenix Rotor Blades/Like New--$2500

    I have a like new, less than 30 hours, set of 23 ft. Phoenix rotor blades for sale. These are built in North Carolina and are white painted aluminum. (they look a lot like Sport Rotors). New these blades are close to $4000 I was told. These blades were on my LittleWing i purchased last year...
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    Helicycle 3722T For Sale

    Link to barnstormers ad below: The helicopter flies regularly and has no issues. Turbine has approx 800 hours and transmission approx 400 hours. Link below to Youtube video
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    Question on exhaust pipe angle

    Since I fly off of grass all the time here at my house, I have noticed all the burnt spots where I takeoff and land. I am a little worried about starting a fire especially if I land somewhere in some taller grass. I am attaching some pics of my pipe in relation to the frame....can some of you...
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    Helicycle finds new owner

    A couple of months ago I purchased David Lyons' Helicycle N3722T I completed my R-22 training on Wednesday and wasted no time in jumping in the Helicycle and making three successful flights Thursday and had a great time. It flew pretty much as expected.....I am light at 160 lbs. so I have some...
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    Dominator 618 For Sale in Louisiana

    Reduced to $12,995 Great flying gyro with tons of power with the 618 motor, C-box with 3:1 ratio and 3-blade 60" warp drive prop. 120 hours TT, flies often and has made frequent trips to many flyin's in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. Tops out at over 100 mph but cruises comfortably at 65-70 mph...
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    VW Tractor project for sale--$5500

    This project is mostly complete and close to flying. Needed to finish: rotor blades, control rods, a few instruments mounted and a pre-rotator if wanted. I have the rotor head with a new bearing (not in photos). The prop and EIS system is both brand new. The...
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    New Sport Rotors Arrived - Great Customer Service

    Received my new 8"x 25' blades a couple of weeks ago. I have been able to make a few flights and am still in the "tweaking" stage. On the initial flight it was immediately apparent that the gyro lifted off a little earlier and the rate of climb was better. (the old blades were 7"chord and the...
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    Sport Copter----Worst customer service

    I have been in aviation for almost 40 years and have owned more aircraft than I can remember.....40+ Obviously, being an aircraft owner and A & P mechanic I have had to deal with countless companies over the years. Sport Copter has to be the worst or at least in the top 5 worst in customer...
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    New Sport Copter born today

    The Sport Copter Vortex partially completed kit I bought last fall took to the skies today shortly after the FAA airworthiness inspection. It has a 582 with a 66" Warp Drive prop and 25 ft. x 7" Sport Rotors. There were no problems....only minor tweaks needed.
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    Every Pilots Dream (at least most)

    I have been wanting to post some pics of my new airstrip and hangar for a while now but I just haven't taken the time. It was started a little over a year ago in Feb. was mid summer last year before the grass was beginning to cover everything. The airstrip is 2300 ft. long and 150...
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    Enclosed Gyro Trailer For Sale-Fits Dominator- Make Offer

    I have too many trailers around my place so something needs to go. 12ft. single axle enclosed with steel framing and steel roof panels....Tires are good...manuel tongue jack...The rear door is 9ft. tall so that is the approx height. It was built for my Dominator by the previous owner. Yes I...
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    Rotax fuel

    I know this has been discussed and I searched all threads in the engine section but did not see it. I would like to run 100LL in my 618 since it is very convenient at the airport and the price now is only 25 cents more than premium unleaded.(We have our own fuel farm and get 100LL about a...
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    My New (used) 618 powered Dominator

    Bought this machine last week and Mike Gaspard (gyromike) made the first flight late yesterday. I went out this am and flew it for approx 30 min. It performs very well and is rock solid. It has 24 ft. DW blades, EIS, and a radio with headsets. I also have an enclosed trailer so I can take...
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    Air Command or Bensen For Sale or Trade for ??????

    I woke up this am and decided that I should sell one of my gyros but I could not decide which one. I went out today and flew both and I still can't decide which one. Therefore I am posting both machines for sale and I might consider a trade for something interesting. The Air Command was built...
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    Looking for 25ft. blades

    Looking for some 25 ft Dragon Wings or McCutchens for my Bensen.
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    McCutchen vs. Dragon Wings

    I've heard all the testimonials about the Dragon Wing blades out-performing most other blades but has anyone made a direct comparison between Dragon Wings and McCutchens?? I have 23 ft. Dragon Wings on my Air Command but have never flown it with any other blade. I also have 23 ft. McCutchen's...
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    went flying today

    I flew my gyro today. Sorry...didn't take my camera. Just look around the forum at a few of the several hundred other photos of people flying and imagine it was me.
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    aussie check-ride

    Hi Mate, I am writing to you, because I need your help to get me bloody pilot's license back. You keep telling me you got all the right contacts. Well now's your chance to make something happen for me because, mate, I'm bloody desperate. But first, I'd better tell you what happened during...