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    What is driving the rotor?

    Right now, and as I had promised in Understanding rotor rpm thread, and because of some disagreements between some gyro pilots and other people posting in that thread I will try to explain the mechanics of autorotation in the simplest way… Of course, this does not mean that I’m going to...
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    Autogyro crash in Spain

    A fatal autogiro crash happened on September 23rd in Camarenilla (Spain). It was a blue Ela 07 with a rotax 914 platted EC-ET4. It was my school autogyro until 3 months ago. It happened after a normal take-off and when the autogiro was in a normal climbing attitude. When the aircraft was...
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    First flight to Canarias by autogiro

    Between 09-30-2007 and 10-18-2007, Two Spanish gyro pilots have flown in a ELA 07 gyro from Cuatro Vientos (Madrid, Spain) to Canary Islands. This is the first time than an autogiro reaches Canary Islands in flight. The entire raid has been flown in 25 flights. The raid has been flown in...
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    About control and stability

    I’ve read a lot of threads about gyro’s stability. Some of them are really good, but it is very difficult to explain gyro’s stability and control by moments acting on cg. I’m a pilot, not an engineer, and I’m more interested in understanding physics of flight than in accurate calculations...