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  1. GyrOZprey

    MTO Sport 2017 stick and body shake; bad!

    ....yes ...that's what we thought also ..... 1 ....check rotor tower aligned with marks on hub.( rotor correct orientation on head!) 2 rotor balance .... 3 prop balance ....engine/prop vibration ...also makes stick & cabin shake!
  2. GyrOZprey

    MTO Sport 2017 stick and body shake; bad!

    We had a gyro with a lot of shake ...cabin hop ...even after the rotor was balanced.... a good prop balancing job was the magic answer ... gyro now fast and smooth!
  3. GyrOZprey

    PRA website is down?

    John is working as hard as he can to get a great new PRA website ...up & running! ...there are only so many hours in a day ...even for someone who only sleeps for 4! His health has been challenging this past year ! after last year's board meeting ...where PRA website was the last major...
  4. GyrOZprey

    NTSB Factual Report - Cavalon N198LT Sebring 30-10-2018

    NTSB .. released FINAL REPORT ...6-3-2020
  5. GyrOZprey

    AR-1 N923DJ Texas 15-12-18

    Glad to hear all the "Rave-reviews" about the Rotax 915 .... the high degree of computerization & wiring complexity associated with it REALLY daunting to me! Still ...early days "in the field - usage" ...building fleet hours out there in real-life usage! Same power range 135-145...
  6. GyrOZprey

    I Learned about flying from that...

    BRAVO. Shirley!
  7. GyrOZprey

    Nashua, New Hampshire - Magni M24 N327JD - 15th Jan 2020

    Having trouble NOT weigh in here ..... nope "walk-away"! :unsure::eek::ROFLMAO: story & gyro-journey is well documented here ...BOTH the student learning techniques that worked for my single seater & the different ones for the bigger dual tandem gyro! Balancing & crow-hops ...are...
  8. GyrOZprey

    Tercel N640BE Wyoming - 11-6-18

    In the hands of a skilled pilot ...a flight in a well set up Xenon - is impressive! I was very impressed with my long ago flight with Mark Shook Mentone ... he could yank & bank ...make that big heavy machine sing & dance with the best over the bean-box! .... now to go find my video clip!
  9. GyrOZprey

    BarnStormers Spring 2020

    More pics & report please ... hungry for fun-gyro-gathering news! ( going to create some heartland-gyro events soon!:LOL:...getting a good group in KS/OK!)
  10. GyrOZprey

    Gyroplane 3-axis Flight Simulator will be at PRA's Fly-in

    Good to hear/see you back on the "airwaves" John ... I'm always concerned when you go "dark" .... I know you are a one-man-band working on a dozen PRA (&other) projects for the benefit of ALL the gyro community! ...either swamped ... or fighting the health challenges! Sorry we missed you on...
  11. GyrOZprey

    TAG gyro locates downed pilot hidden by trees.

    Folks at the airport .... reported the engine sounded "rough"( which was more like "different"!) I later learned that it had been modified at our local Rotax mechanic who does a lot of Edge Rotax conversions and mods ... he was very concerned about an engine failure ... but the pilot spoke...
  12. GyrOZprey

    TAG gyro locates downed pilot hidden by trees.

    Last Friday I flew my gyro down to Riverside KRVS (D towered airport) @ Jenks on the SW side of Tulsa! Lovely 1.8 hour cross-country flight with 15kt tailwind. I was hosted by our newest gyro CFI Carl Potter and his wife Deb for the week-end. Carl runs a FW flight school out of KRVS. Mark...
  13. GyrOZprey

    ROTR 2020!

    BUGGAH ... I was REALLY needing a road-trip & gyro event to look forwards to the almost near future! I wonder if some of us can come informally anyway & have a group-mini-fly gathering! ????? I may just wander around & do some Utah flying by myself anyway in that time -frame! More &...
  14. GyrOZprey

    Where to do a test flight - Colorado?

    I believe Cobus Burger would be your nearest CFI ...I am unsure of his location ... I do believe he somewhat reactivated the local PRA chapter! maybe someone here has information on his location!
  15. GyrOZprey

    Calidus vs Ela Eclipse 10 What is your opinion?

    That pilot also suffered an ongoing TBI ( the rotor bonked him on the head also) the practice of wearing headsets - instead of helmets is widespread in polycarbonate canopy "enclosed" ( & some open )gyros! Vance is a strong advocate of wearing good helmets even inside the enclosed...
  16. GyrOZprey

    Larry Neal Design and parts

    ....ask Valerie White, her father Gary Neal ...( Larry Neil's will beneficiary & executor) ....or phone Billy Bounds or his brother ( the machinist) ...from Google street view ...the machine shop # is Tube products inc Rhome TX 817 189 2261!
  17. GyrOZprey

    Vance Triple Crown winner?

    This too shall pass ..... hoping USA acted fast enough to slow the peak-cases to with-in the capacity of the medical resources to cope ...there are some very interesting "Real-news" sources out there clarity on the probable virus origin & why Italy & Iran got hammered early! It's a...
  18. GyrOZprey

    Bensen Days promo video

    Things moving rapidly ...... as the travel & crowd-restrictions develop I suspected( after reading comments from an emergency management officer ...on an RV blog-site!) I made the decision to stay home from both the FL trip and my planned month in Australia (May).....I learned...
  19. GyrOZprey

    PRA's group insurance moving forward saving us money!! Update 1st offer!!

    John Nagle is a gyro enthusiast and also has high level of skills in VIRTUAL-REALITY VIDEO-GAMING..... Maybe he would like to develop something for our gyro community!????
  20. GyrOZprey

    Bensen Days promo video

    I have it repeated over and over that Bensen days 2020 is a GO ... on the original schedule! 24-28 March ..... looks like I have to load my gyro tomorrow due to our expected wet week in KS ..... I plan to head off on Friday!