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    Mast bushings-Problems?

    Howdy Tribe, I just got a very disconcerting email from an individual stating that Ron Menzie had one of my bushings deteriote(after about 18 mos or so) I have not talked to Ron yet but will do so tomorrow. I hate to impose but if anyone that has bought a bushing from me would check the...
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    New RN

    Thank all of you for the kind replys. It was a long struggle for both of them but we are very proud. There is a severe shortage of RN's! This daughter received a job offer during her finals, from a hospital where she did her ER clinicals, and went in for an interview the next morning. That...
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    New RN

    Howdy All, Today was a great day for mother and I because our second daughter received her BSN(Batchelor of Science in Nursing) Today. I now have 2 RNs for daughters. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!:first::usa2:
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Howdy Uninshop Email will be in the member status. Just drop me a note letting me know what you require and where you want the bushings sent.
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Hey Russ, Glad your bushings arrived. Just a note to let you know that these bushings won't turn to mush. They will wear and deform slightly but nothing serious. I'm with you on the time change. For $15 bucks change 'em every 3-500 hours or every 24 to 36 months if they are ok. If not, change...
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Be happy to oblige. Just email me your name and mailing address & I will ship you a couple of bushings asap.:usa2:
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    receipt of bushings receipt of bushings Howdy Tribe, In the last couple of weeks I have shipped 5 orders of bushings. I have only heard from two clients-one sent me a check and the other said he had NOT received his order(shipped via reg mail on the 16th of June) Would the other folks that...
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Hi Max, I have about 15 bushings on hand. Price is $13.00 per bushing and packing & shipping cost is $6.25 for up to two bushings. Email me your mailing address & I will ship you whatever you require. Don't send any money. I will send an invoice with the shipment.
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Hi Stan, I fly an RAF and a Taylorcraft model 19(that is a bc-12D That has had some serious modifications to accomodate a C85-12 engine and has the gross weight adjusted up to 1500 lbs.) I got your email and will have my last 2 bushings on the way to you this week. I have some more on order...
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    Happy Birthday Paul Patterson!

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts. Actually, I am not only a CFI, I also am a piano player in a house of Ill repute!!!!!
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    Turbo 2.5 subaru performance

    Howdy All, Nowings, what was the name of the shop in Tx and where was it located? Thanks
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    Safer than a horse

    Howdy All, Being somewhat familiar with these animals allow me to advise you that the reason that the good lord made the horse's head so big was so that he could get all of the dumb in!!!!
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    Upper hub assembly for RAF redrive

    Hey Mark, Call Doug @ Air Command in Caddo Mills, Tx. I think he will have what you are looking for.
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    HI Stan, RAF has advised that these bushings are a "time change" component but is very vague about when they should be changed other than saying that the bushing should be inspected during preflight and changed if "broken thru" or torn. Service bulletin #17 dated 5/17/95 specifies this part...
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Howdy Tribe, Just got a new shipment of 15 RAF Mast bushings. I have already sold 5 so only 10 left. Price is $10.86/bushing+$5.75 for usps shipping for up to 3 bushings. The price has gone up but it's still a lot cheaper than SA prices and a heck of a lot faster. These are high quality...
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    Ft Rucker Circa 1987

    Hi Bryan, Class 69-45 @ Wolters & 69-49 @ Mother Rucker. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
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    ArrowCopter Kit Debuts in the U.S. at OSHKOSH

    Howdy All, I don't know what it is but @ 150 large I'm not sure that they can keep up with the demand. Those machines will be flying(no pun intended) of the shelf.
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    Raf engine cradle

    Hi Scott, Call Doug @ Air Command or go to their webb site. They got what you want.:yo:
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    Vietnam Veterans

    Howdy Gary, You are more than welcome and yes I would do it again. CWO B co 227th Assalt Helicopter Bat. 1st Cav Div RVN 70-71
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    electric trim (Pitch) for RAF 2000.

    Howdy Walt, Try these folks. I've been using their actuators for both my roll and for my stabilator trim for the last 3 years and they have given me outstanding service. I think that they will have everything that you need. I am using a Ray Allen stick grip with a 4way coolie hat switch and a...