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    Mast bushings-Problems?

    Howdy Tribe, I just got a very disconcerting email from an individual stating that Ron Menzie had one of my bushings deteriote(after about 18 mos or so) I have not talked to Ron yet but will do so tomorrow. I hate to impose but if anyone that has bought a bushing from me would check the...
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    New RN

    Howdy All, Today was a great day for mother and I because our second daughter received her BSN(Batchelor of Science in Nursing) Today. I now have 2 RNs for daughters. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!:first::usa2:
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    RAF Mast Bushings

    Howdy Tribe, Just got a new shipment of 15 RAF Mast bushings. I have already sold 5 so only 10 left. Price is $10.86/bushing+$5.75 for usps shipping for up to 3 bushings. The price has gone up but it's still a lot cheaper than SA prices and a heck of a lot faster. These are high quality...
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    Mod for RAF prerotator clutch

    Howdy All, At some point, I seem to recall a thread that had some photos of a mod to the RAF clutch engagement cable attachment at the prerotator. I think that birdy or paul posted some photos or drawings showing a re-routing and remounting of the prerotator cable that involved a pulley but I'm...
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    Removing EGT Probes

    Howdy Tribe, My recently acquired Air Command Elite has a Hirth 3203 with about 56 hours on it. It is experiencing a low EGT and a low CHT on one of the cylinders. It idles rough and I can only get 56-5700 RPMs out of her. I'm pretty sure that it's a carburator problem(dual Delotoros-I think...
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    Horz Stab

    Howdy Tribe, I am currently in need of a horz stab for my RAF. Would prefer a Don Parham or a Bad Stab. Looking to buy now. Thanks Much Paul Patterson Edmond, OK