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    newbie looking for autogyro advice

    Jamie, My advice, for what it's worth, is to be very careful about considering buying this machine with an intent to fly. Researching the copyright label, it appears to be a one-off display model probably not meant to fly but to be made for showing at a fair or symposium. Are you an existing...
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    Modern Generation Accident Statistics

    This is not what the PM was about but I'd be very interested to know what your analysis shows about the percentage of accidents that have happened during or just after take-off. To be fair, though, I wouldn't necessarily base a decision to take up Gyro flying based on historical data alone...
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    Modern Generation Accident Statistics

    TyroGyro, Did you get my PM on this? Arfur
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    IAPGT videos

    TyroGyro, Please PM me for more info. Arfur
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    Hi Rod! You may be pleased to know that your username is plastered all over my van! Regarding...

    Hi Rod! You may be pleased to know that your username is plastered all over my van! Regarding your question about an instructor's previous experience, I'd be happy to chat to you and give you any advice you need. You can contact me through my website: or on 07545 951503...
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    Why don’t they make safer gyroplanes?

    A good practice this is, my young padawan! :)
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    a technical question about rotor inertia Minor injuries only, I believe. I don't have strong opinions on this. On the one hand I am not a fan of deregulated anything when it comes to flying machines but on the other hand I don't necessarily see any added objection to a rotary wing machine...
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    Taking off is hard

    Gary, In my opinion, EI-GYRO is bang on. It seems to me you are trying learn under advanced conditions without feeling comfortable with the basics. Your gut is telling you that you are not ready, so listen to your gut. Delay the GFT until YOU are ready for it. You need a long runway and...
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    Training manual wanted.

    <i>['In the UK you can claim reduced solo hours if you already hold PPL(A) or PPL(H)."]</i> As a guide you can expect a 10 hour reduction for a PPL(A) and a 15 hour reduction for a PPL(H) holder. On a case by case basis. I recommend Phil Harwood's books but get the latest edition, rather than...
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    Navigation equipment

    You can't do much better than Sky Demon on a cheap GPS equipped tablet. This gives excellent positional accuracy with, depending on your 3G or internet coverage, warnings for controlled airspace, notams and obstruction etc. An alternative is Runway HD, which has better mapping (IMO) but does...
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    Which way does the rotor flow.

    Vance, I quite agree why is why I tried to help. However it seems that I have encountered a degree of dogma which I feel does a disservice to this forum. For this reason, I will retire from this discussion with as much grace as I can under the circumstances. However, a few points for all to...
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    Which way does the rotor flow.

    Yes, your sketch shows a flow through but it displays a straight disc which is affecting airflow as if it is a single unit. In my opinion, the sketch is wrong. A gyro disc does not act that way. Each gyro blade has a high aspect ratio (probably around 15:1?). Whilst not infinity, this is...
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    Which way does the rotor flow.

    JC, of course I know they represent a section but I still contend you cannot treat the disc as a solid object for the purposes of a downwash discussion. The disc a is a rotating series of high aspect ratio airfoils passing in quick succession. At the tips there will be a vortex (circular) but...
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    Which way does the rotor flow.

    All, Another fascinating thread. Please allow me to put my few cents in... Below are three wind tunnel airfoil images. The first picture has added text by me. It is at a relatively high angle of attack (alpha) - which would, I suggest, be similar to an autogyro for take-off and landing (an...
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    Chaps, Many thanks for all your advice and kind words. I hope to contribute more frequently in future! Kind regards and may you walk away from all your landings. :)
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    Guys, As a newbie here, it was not my intention to start any arguments. I just wanted an answer to a genuine question. Yes, of course there are differences and similarities between FW, RW and Gyro flight. As an experienced RW and FW pilot who has just started flying Gyroplanes, I wanted to...
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    StanFoster and Vance... Whilst I accept you may have experienced a kind of ground effect (I haven't yet), I am after an aerodynamic explanation of 'ground effect' in a gyroplane. Watch this video and please tell me which part of the airflow-with-downward-component interacts with the surface...
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    IMO XXavier and Loftus have it correct. A gyroplane rotor behaves like a helicopter rotor in autorotation. If you look at a vector diagram for a powered rotor blade and an autorotating rotor blade, the induced flow created by a powered blade is removed in an autorotating blade as the flow 'up'...
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    Sorry, that came out slightly harsh. It is a really good demonstration of the rotorwash and vortices from a powered rotor. Fascinating.
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    Great video but what's it got to do with an autogyro? :)