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    Posting pictures on forum

    Took a few pictures of current project I'm working on with my phone to post for comments from gyro community. Keep getting a message that files are to large for servers. Help!
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    Installing toe/heel brakes.

    Anyone have any good links on how to install toe/heel brakes?
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    How do I use this rrpm gauge

    I was going to search the forum for the answer to this but for some reason it wont let me seach from my pad, i must need an app or something. Anyway I posted a picture of the rrpm gauge on my gyro. Anyone know how do i set if up? Ive been flying without it but would like to get it working. Thanks
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    Gyro on ebay

    Found this on ebay today, I would have a really really hard time making myself climb into one of these machines. I know lots of people fly them but not this guy. I want to feel a little sence of security inside a cockpit, lol even if it is a false sence of security...
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    The Goldfish

    The kids and I were messing around in the shop after school today. My daughter called my gyroplane "The Goldfish" Actually her exact words were "Daddy can I sit in the Goldfish again" LOL I thought about it and it does look like a goldfish so I am sticking with that name. Thought I would post...
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    Identify a propeller from this picture.

    Someone sent me a picture of this propeller today. It came off of a Kitfox with a 583 thats the only thing I know about it. Can anyone identify its make from the picture ? Anyone care to guess what size prop it is based on the information I have and how high it is leaning against the garage...
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    Purchased a used 583 today. Seemed like a Bargain?

    Alright hope I don't catch to much hell for making a dumb decision. wanted others input on if this was a good purchase or not? I bought a used 583 with everything it needs to be mounted including radiator. It came out of a kitfox and has 300 hrs. I was told it ran perfect when it was removed...
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    Post here if you have a Tractor Gyro

    New to the Forum and curious how many people out there have Tractor Gyros they seem to be pretty rare in the Gyro world. If you have one you should post a picture of it on this thread would be kind of interesting.
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    Transporting gyro without removing rotor blades.

    I am working on designs to modify a trailer I use to haul my ultralight so that my gyro would fit in it. Its built from square tubing and heat shink material as a covering. I need to raise the top about 2 feet so the mast would fit and extend the front about 3 feet so the rotor will fit. While...
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    Formula for figuring thrust.

    I have been searching through the forums to see if I could find a formula I could use to esimate the thrust I might have available with different engine, reduction and propeller combinations. So far I have come up with nothing, is there such a thing. Or is there a friendly aironautical engineer...
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    Reviews on a couple of products available for gyro's.

    I am currently looking at these 2 products and before I made a purchase wanted to see if anyone out there is familiar with them. Booster Prerotator Stratomaster RL...
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    New Gyro, low experiance pilot. Help!

    A lot of good information here too bad you have to wallow through so much crap to find it. Tired of getting dragged into the same stupid discussion over and over. Not posting on this thread any more.