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    27' McCutchins

    I have a set of 27' McCutchins and would like to cut them down to 24' I have 3' hub bar and blades are 12' has anyone done this I was thinking I could cut them inbd side of blades ond redrill them and ck balance. Please let me know I have no use for 27' would consider trades also. I an in N.C...
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    barnett rotors

    I am in desperate need of a 4' hub bar for these barnett/rotordyne? blades can anyone help me. Old or new or plans. Don
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    barnett hub bar

    anyone have 3-4' hubar for banett blades
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    prerotor aluminum pullies

    :boink:Looking for pullies for hyd prerotater (RFD) crank pulley and hyd pump pulley ASAP Don
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    Air Commando Model

    Air Command Commando model gott go!!!!
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    Prerotator parts

    Anyone got any wunrlich parts layin around cables, lower section housing with rubber wheels no drum or upper section needed but will buy all if needed cable lengths direction etc. Don H. N132DH
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    Rotohead bearing p/n

    Anyone know the part number for the main rotor bearin I used to buy them years ago but lost the info it is single brg head RFD
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    Landing gear

    I heard the monarch uses a monroe shock does anyone know the model or part number I want to experiment on aew machine I am building.
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    Today 09:24 PMGyrodon1 I also have a very potent 582 C box Pull start complete with fuel pump and Key west rectifier I built and am selling because I have 2 912 motors and am going 4 stroke. Also xtra C box 3:1 and 2.62:1 with clutches Ivo q adjust 60" lot of 2 stroke parts I am selling as well...