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    New raf / sparrowhawk

    Here's a picture of my RAF with a Sparrowhawk augmentation kit installed.I figured out how to mount the wheel pants which I think make it look classy. Just got the 40 hours flown off so time to give my EAA and PRA friends their long awaited ride. Have patience as the line is long.
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    Rotor head shake during pre rotation

    I am experiencing severe rotor head and control parts shaking violently during pre-rotation. Any suggestions on cause and how to eliminate on my RAF?
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    Awaiting the dar

    All paperwork filed and waiting on the DAR to issue the airworthiness certificate so I can fly this bad boy. I bought this partially completed RAF from Texas that sat for many years pretty much in kit form in a box. I finished the kit and added the Sparrowhawk augmentation among other things. I...
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    9th annual gyro/rotorcraft flyin. All welcome!

    I will be sponsoring the 9th annual Gyro/rotorcraft/experimental campin / flyin August 12th to the 16th of August At Pottstown Heritage , Pa. Come camp and fly in Beautiful Pennsylvania. Picnic Friday night with eats and a band. Fly outs every day to different locations for breakfast . Numerous...
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    Speed and memory wires

    I am wiring a EJ25 into my new RAF/sparrow hawk conversion. I have most wiring complete but have 2 wires left on the harness that are labeled. One is speed sensor and the other is memory. I have no place to tie them to. Can someone shed some experience on this ?Thank you for your help.
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    actuator for pre-rotation

    I was wondering if anyone ever experimented using an electric actuator to activate the clutch on the RAF pre-rotator? I am building a new RAF/Sparrowhawk and I was installing the brake lever on the cyclic for the pre-rotator and was about to run the cable when it hit me. I had just installed...
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    Pre-rotator magnetic pickup

    My friend Cliff is looking for a magnetic pickup on the rotor gear of his rotor head for his RAF rotor tack. His RAF magnetic pickup got damaged and he is looking for a replacement or info for where to buy a new one. Anyone have some info?
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    Junk yard dog picture

    I wanted to post the latest picture of my single place JYD. Ernie Boyette sold me a pod and windshield. The gyro was to fast for an open frame machine. Very uncomfortable to fly . Was like flying in a hurricane. The pod was exactly what I needed. This rocket ship has amazing performance. Subaru...
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    Air command 503 low rider windshield

    I am looking for a windshield that would fit Air Command low rider pod. call Larry Boyer @ 610-370-2178
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    30 FT RAF Rotor Blades

    I am looking to buy a set of RAF Rotor Blades in good condition. if you have a set or a lead on where I can find a set, please let me know. These are for a friend who had a blade strike. Thank you. 610-698-7716
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    RAF 30 ft Rotorblades

    I am looking for a set of 30 ft RAF rotor blades for a friend of mine. if you have a name or lead on a set call me @ 610-698-7716. Much appreciated.
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    Junk yard dog updates

    The Junk Yard Dog is alive and flying. I had some perplexing issues with the EJ-22 but all is worked out. Earnie sold me a pod and windshield at Mentone and it is now installed. The 80 mph wind in the face was a bit much. Love the sturdy pod and windshield. It totally changed the comfort level...
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    Brand new air command

    This is a rare opportunity to own a brand new Air Command 582 at 50 cents on the dollar at new prices. 1 hr on new Rotax 582. New airframe with high thruster option with 68 inch warp drive prop. New 23 ft McCutchin rotor blades . 9 gal seat tank. Nice panel with water temp, Cht, Egt, altimeter...
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    Like new Air Command Elete

    Please check out my Angry Eagle Air Command for sale on Barnstormers. Search under gyrocopters. Thank-you.
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    Mid State 8th Annual Rotorcraft and Experimental Fly In

    The 8th annual event will be held at Heritage Field August 19-25. This event gets bigger every year and all are welcome.Come join the fun!!!! There is camping all week. We are having an education event, pizza night, Friday picnic, entertainment, and flying fun all week including breakfast...
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    Going to Costa Rica

    Park Hoover and I with families are going to Costa Rica first of February and would like to contact any gyro heads there. If anyone can offer advise on who to contact, would be grateful. Thanks for any help.
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    Ej 20 for sale

    I have a EJ-20 for sale. It is a WRX STI single turbo with innercooler. I have the brain box but not a harness. It has 8900 miles on the engine when the car was in an accident.This engine will turn 11000 rpm. 245 hp @ 7000. I want $2500 plus shipping. It has been in my garage waiting to be put...
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    Air command in the air

    I finally got the airworthiness certificate and did test flights on the Angry Eagle. I bought a derilect airframe and rebuilt it. Made some changes to give it a better clt and hung a brand new 532(thanks Bruce) and 24 ft Dragon wings . It climbs at breath taking speed and cruises at 5800 at 70...
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    Mid-state rotorcraft and experimental fly -in

    Don't forget all are invited to the flyin next week at N16 in Centre hall, Pa. From August 13-19. Picnic is on Friday @ 5:00.You may call 610-370-2178 ask for Debbie
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    Insurance on gyros

    I receintly ran into a problem with an airport where I rent a hanger. They wanted to see proff of insurance on my Junk Yard dog gyro. I told them insurance was imposible to obtain on such a machine. I have proposed a self insurance agreement with the airport and have not heard back what the...