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    New Edition of Rotorcraft is Great!

    Just a heads up for non-PRA members that you are missing out on some excellent stuff in the latest issue of Rotorcraft... Tim, excellent series of articles... Charles Burgoon, love the in-depth fly-in perspective The two-year PRA history introspective from 65-67 was a great read too...
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    Brand New Dominator Pod for Sale

    Decided I am not going to put a pod on my gyroplane and instead selling my pod I bought from Ernie at RFD... It is brand new and never came out of the box and if you have seen a dominator you know what the pod looks like. RFD wants $475.00 and I am offering it up for $375.00 as it is in mint...
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    Flying My Dominator at Mentone

    Two Videos that I took with Scott Bisers camera the Sunday after the convention from two different perspectives... Enjoy! Update: For some reason the videos will not play in the forum browser window for me, if you have trouble click on the "YouTube" button in the right hand corner to watch...
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    "Soul Session"

    Just thought I would share that I had one of those "soul flying" days on wednesday... Fired up the dominator and went chasing turkeys, flying down creek beds, performing 180, 360, 720, 1080 landings, sideways flying, backwards flying, upside down flying ( :lie: ), and never left full throttle...
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    Help getting materials to Mentone Please!!!

    Guys, Dropped the ball a little in providing items I promised for the convention and was wondering if it was at all possible to have somebody pick up the items while traveling to Mentone. I am near a major interstate many will likely be traveling through the area. All I have are; (2) Fire...
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    Mentone 2012 Work Day! July 14th

    Just a reminder that the date set by PRA Chapter 18 for a work party is on July 14th 2012 at the Mentone airport...I may have communicated the wrong date by accident, however, we have committed bodies available coming that day to help out!. Anyone that can make it would be much appreciated...
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    Mentone 2012 Work Day! July 14th

    Chapter 18 members I am excited to hear we have a group willing to lend a hand before the event on July 14th! See you all there and should be a fun day. -Matt
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    So you think you can land...

    Time for a lesson from a young guy... after reading a post about landing I thought I would share some valuable lessons that have made me become a better gyro pilot. Here are some maneuvers you should know by heart...might just save your life. I recommend them because I never see them executed...
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    Rotors n' Ribs Fly-In @ Goshen, IN

    I plan on flying in to this one on saturday for sure! This is very near Mentone and will bring flyers that I can hand out for sure to the public and heli pilots alike. If there are any other pilots in the area that would like to go drop me a line...
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    First Time This Year!

    Went up today for the first time this year.... perfect day for a Dominator. Sixty degrees, 25knt gusty winds, ridge soaring w/ no power, flying backwards, zero-roll TO/Landing, hands-off, hovering, and 130MPH down wind speed... it was awesome to be back in the seat again. Lovin it!!! Sorry...
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    Anyone seen this yet?

    This looks really cool! Not sure if anyone has posted this yet.. enjoy.
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    Rotor Blade Gantry for Mentone

    I have agreed to fabricate a Gantry for the convention to assist in safely assembling rotor blades for our members. Before I begin any kind of construction I would like some feedback as to the overall height and reach of the device. I would believe a Sparrowhawk to be one of the largest...
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    Deviated septum?

    Just curious if anyone has had a recent septoplasy for a deviated septum? I got a surgery scheduled and wondered if it has helped chronic nasal issues. It is a very common surgery yet wanted some peer feedback. Last person I talked to had it done ten years ago and ended up with two black eyes...
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    Fog em boys!

    Just a reminder to fog ur engines if your season is over or will not be flying for more than three weeks. Care for your engine and it will love you back!
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    Happy Birthday Jennifer Gilmore!!

    Happy Birthday to Miss PRA herself!!! (Sorry I forgot to add another "L" to the last name)
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    Come fly with me...

    Well here is some shaky footage of what it is like in the front seat of the best flying machine in the country..(I might be biased). I just pegged and locked the throttle at 100% and held the camera with my left hand. Not that easy to do actually... anyway... Enjoy.... and no it is not sped...
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    Dominator Gyroplane For Sale

    We have seen it before and we see it again... Prob the last chance this super clean machine will ever be offered up. No I am not getting out of gyroplanes in the least bit...just have an opportunity and an idea I want to pursue. Price $19,000...
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    Seeking Gyro Repair Equipment for Mentone

    I am going to put it out there as a pet project that I would like to head up and work towards acquiring some non standard equipment for our members use during the convention. In particular I am seeking any MIG or TIG welding equipment that is applicable to building. During the convention I...
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    Grats to Adam Helwich

    Grats to Adam for taking home the best single place machine at Mentone this year. I understand your simplicity was the key deciding factor. Once again thanks for bringing home the trophy to Chapter 18. -Matt
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    New Board Member Perspective

    Well I thank everyone that voted for my inclusion in to the BOD this year and can't wait to get started.. although I feel as I already have. Being an "insider" to the game now I can say that there is some real passion that lives within some members that we should all aspire to. I had my...