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    Go or no go

    I went to the strip a few days ago. not having flown for a while I went over the gyro with a fine tooth comb air in the tyres, fueld up and ran the rotax for about 15 mins at various throttle settings while checking temps. all was ok I then had a big think through the flight and what I would do...
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    number of Landings per flight hour

    I am currently looking at some figures of number of accidents per flight hour. (it's a CAA thing I am working on) no details on this project yet I really need to know your estimation of number of landings you perform per hour and if you are flying a single seat or 2 seat machine. for example...
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    magni wire strike UK nothing more known right now
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    tractor gyro concept

    there has been discussion claiming that most moder gyros are basically of a pusher Bensen format. Some say it's because tractor gyros are more complex to build. would it be possible to design a tractor gyro that was almost a reverse Bensen litrally swap engine location and pilot the seat...
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    c30 flying in spain 1999 ?

    i had not seen this before , does it still fly ?
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    fixed wing but a good fun link

    a UK fixed wing flying school promo video
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    a technical question about rotor inertia

    Some of us in the UK are looking at the possibility of SSDR regulations for which gyros are exempt ... (SSDR is single seat deregulated) a bit like experimental in the USA, you still need a pilots licence and insurance and you still obey air law when flying, but the prize is you can innovate...
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    Struck by Lightning in a gyro ?

    I was not struck by lightening , but a sequence of events had me flying near lightning, I could see it about 5 miles away and was under the CUnim that was generating it . Has anyone been struck by lightning in a gyro ? I fly a bensen with a Merlin pod and dragon wings and fiberglass seat...
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    wikipedia says it's Airmanship covers a broad range of desirable behaviors and abilities in an aviator. It is not simply a measure of skill or technique, but also a measure of a pilot’s awareness of the aircraft, the environment in which it operates, and of his own capabilities. in a CFI...
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    gyro down UK 1 fatality

    friend contacted me to say a gyro crashed at Turweston in the last week, 1 fatality, CAA to investigate, I believe it is a modern gyro as I do not recognise the pilots name. that is all I know many condolances to all family and friends, I ask that all forum members tread gently and...
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    Number of flight hours

    It surprises me that number of hours flight time is often considered a badge of experience, knowlage and wisdom. I believe that is often not the case. take the San Francisco 777 crash, the Captain had 43 hours on type ... sound good but that 43 hours only involved 9 take off and Landings...
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    Mto ela ar1

    glancing at these 3 designs on different days I am not sure I can tell the difference can anyone help me .. side on they look similar, the Magni has a low extended keel and the ELA nose appears more pointed uowards at the tip ... I guess engines are 912 914, tanks in the same place, no tail...
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    Parsons configuration

    I have recently come across a parsons with suspension and a pod for sale it has a 532 and 23ft mcutcheons. I dont love the parsons rear seat , mats and side stick arrangement but, at about £5,000 it seems like an attractively priced very cost 2 seat machine. I am I weigh apx 100kgs I fly at...
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    new experimental category in the UK

    The UK CAA Announced on 16 November the release of CAP1220 "the operation of experimental aircraft on E conditions" UK CAA are trying to reduce costs by delegating power and controls of light aviation. The UK government has decided that it would be good to have a thriving light aviation industry...
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    Airfoil shape to reduce drag have you done it ?

    I'm happy with my gyro, but am I missing something ? I saw a gyro at Bensen days (think it belongs to nowings) where almost every tube had an aerofoil shape tie wrapped on to it. so looking at my machine and most others I ask is this a mod worth doing.? The tubes out to the wheels, the mast...
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    what have you seen go through a prop ?

    I hear the odd story here and there of items going through a prop, so I am thinking about what I need to tie down I have seen bolt thread marks on props, I have heard of a rain cover and a helmet going through. People tell me to tie down the following petrol cap, carb filters, pre rotator top...
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    use of pre-rotators hints and tips

    I have been reading threads on prerotation, take off distances, electric power needed, Birdy taking off with it still engaged etc. So I thought about my use and experiences. Generally I start my engine (pull start) pat my drangon wings just 2 or 3 times to get over inertia, climb in to the pod...
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    seat of the pants

    lifting out of another thread I have been thinking about "seat of the pants" flying. I think more broadly it's flying VFR without reference to instruments. I think seat of the pants has more than just one element. I believe we mean the human senses of balance, g load, body movement in 3...
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    Renault advert with gyros

    saw this recently a new advert with gyros in, the look like ELAs i thinkn
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    keep airfields green fields

    sorry about this but it is probably the most important General aviation issue ever to affect the UK it just takes 2 mins to sign the petition. in simple terms Uk wants to build more houses. the choice of where to build is either on farm land...