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  1. neutrax

    Wild horses

    I flew up on some wild horses out on the Nevada Desert north of Dead Cow dry lake a couple weeks ago.. About 100 head running like crazy..
  2. neutrax

    Flying jeep

    This thing is it..
  3. neutrax


    Just got back from a cool trip to the Alvord...... jet car was there..... model planes and a visit from a flock of Colb airplanes. Mary got introduced to riding a motorcycle.
  4. neutrax

    Chino Airshow

    We went down to the incredible Chino Airshow ... I took the gyro with as usual. Stopped off at Kernville airport East of Bakersfield on the way and flew around Lake Isabella and hung out. Cool people .. got a lot of back country airstrip info from the manager that I really appreciate. At the...
  5. neutrax

    Madras traffic Sport Copter taking off on 3 4 after Corsair

    At my base airport there are WW2 war birds from the Museum next door flying regularly. Loud, fast and a sight to see.
  6. neutrax

    tori 726

    Could the powers that be please check out a post on " strobe light radio noise fix " by tori726 Thanks
  7. neutrax

    Strobe radio noise fix

    My sport copter M912 came with Pulsar LED strobes back in 2010. They produced radio noise in my Becker AR 3201 radio from the start. It was so loud I could not use them, I tried filters and even rewired them thinking I goofed up somewhere. It made no difference. I called the company again a...
  8. neutrax

    Oregon vs Arizona

    I have noticed it's better flying in Arizona this time of year Gilbert
  9. neutrax

    John Day River

    Tom and I flew our M912's over to the John Day River to a strip called Chukar Flats strip. Nice flight great day and a really cool place to land but not a lot of usable strip. There was a metal box with a sign in pad pretty sure we were the only gyros on it. Great fun. When it gets too cold...
  10. neutrax

    Flight to the Mitchell dump strip

    Well we did it again. Flew out to Mitchell Oregon. I been thinking about this semi side hill strip for a while. Flew over some pretty wild terrain, over the Big Muddy Ranch (where the Bog Won Rajneesies used to be), around the painted hills and to the up hill strip at the Mitchell city dump...
  11. neutrax

    Gyro Fishing

    Went on a super incredible flight down the Deschutes river Oregon. Strapped my salmon gear to the M912 and took off from Madras with a friend that also has a M912, headed north and stopped at a private dirt strip and it was BUMPPTY and flew to another bumpy dirt strip on the Deschutes. Great...
  12. neutrax

    getting ready for the desert

    The 66 Bensen/whatever got a new better tail and a 1' longer tail boom and all new fuel lines. The new tail is bigger better and weighs about 5 lbs less than the old stop sign tail. Thinking about the Alvord maybe El Mirage. Gilbert
  13. neutrax

    gyro training

    I finally got some one to listen to me.
  14. neutrax


    Got to see the Canyon lands from the air. Amazing. Hung out at busy Moab air strip, super people.
  15. neutrax

    912 warm up

    I recently decided to build a manually controlled bypass valve for my M912. Fired it up yesterday and it did better at 50 deg F ambient than it used to at 100+. Built with no drawings and without approval from Rotax or SportCopter. Gilbert
  16. neutrax

    out of the nest

    Took the new bird out to the testing area a while back and found that it knows a lot more about good behavior than I do. I found it to be extremely stable and capable. Lots of lift, lots of power and speed, lots of suspension, easily prerotates to 300 rpm. Independent toe brakes were easy to...
  17. neutrax

    rotor head

    Does anybody have a set of plans for this rotor head I can borrow?
  18. neutrax

    more alvord

    Just got back from the Alvord Desert, Oregon 4 days of 75-80 deg. no wind flying. I camped with a group of EAA folks from Boise-Napa area. Great bunch of people and some very accomplished pilots. Had a good time and showed off the gyro as well as I could, got a big warm round of applause when...
  19. neutrax

    on the way back from ch73 meet

    Stop in at the McMinnville air and space museum if you can. I'm not as smart as the low downwind turn advocates but some of these things looked unstable. Gilbert
  20. neutrax

    how's it hangin

    hanging pretty good 11.6 deg. Got all my airworthiness papers ready for the inspection. As soon as the thing is deemed OK I'll go after my single seat sport pilot license. Gilbert