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  1. Earthboundmisft

    The 'MISSFIT' gets a new engine

    Finally found some time to work on the engine install. I'm replacing the 582 with a 912ULS. Had to move the engine mount tube, and then it snowballed from there!
  2. Earthboundmisft

    Rotax 912 ULS Oil Tank Placement

    Has anyone deviated from the Rotax recommended Oil Tank location? I have run out of real estate and plan to mount the tank on the back of the mast, 4 inches above the engine. I plan to install a ball valve in the supply line with a micro switch to interrupt the start contactor, to insure the...
  3. Earthboundmisft

    Compensating for 'P' factor

    I'm fabricating mounts for a 912 ULS install on the Missfit gyro. I will be using the tail assembly from an RAF gyrocopter, which has incident designed into the vertical stabilizer. Should the crankshaft centerline be parallel to the keel considering the RAF vertical stab? There will be 18...
  4. Earthboundmisft

    582 Grey Head with accessories

    Selling my 582 gray head, 215 hours. 'B' box, Removed running perfectly, because I acquired a 912. Included: engine mount, exhaust, radiator, 60in. Warp (light hub) 5 hrs. TSN because I lost trust in the original IvoProp. This 582 has never been disassembled. It has been de-carboned chemically...
  5. Earthboundmisft

    Hey Birdy

    Any chance you could post some pictures of your machine with the 912? I'm interested in your engine mount, exhaust design, and tail group as well. Thanks, Mike.
  6. Earthboundmisft

    582 Exhaust

    Hey I need a complete exhaust system for my 582, the salt has taken its toll on mine. What ya got?
  7. Earthboundmisft


    Unbelievable facility here in Texas. Surgically clean, 350K sq ft under air. Visited the MR Gearbox rebuild/test facility, sheetmetal shop, and assembly area today. Strolled through 130 airframes in various stages of completion. Examined tailboom jigs, and a maze of cubicles occupied by some...
  8. Earthboundmisft

    Got a new whirlybird Monday...

    I was offered 'Lead Mechanic' on the LifeFlight EC135p1, here in Melbourne. I accepted the challenge, after loosing sleep as the responsibility set in. I'm off to Texas next Monday, for Eurocopter training.:whoo:
  9. Earthboundmisft

    Non Airworthy Rotorblades

    Would like to buy a set of blades, and a hub bar ideally, any size. Looking to build my own 'Big Ass Fan' for my new shop. I have an old Parsons rotor head, and I figure I could mount a large pulley to it, and under drive it, powered by an electric motor. A couple of brackets here and there, and...
  10. Earthboundmisft

    A Senior Gyro Pilot Passes

    Bill Scattergood (Scatt) passed away this morning, in Melbourne Florida, after a long struggle with illness. Bill and his son Lee, were flying Arrow powered gyros out of Valkaria Airport and Rockledge Airpark, about 20 years ago, give or take. Lee got me into gyros, And Bill gave me a ton of...
  11. Earthboundmisft

    Good Flight Today...

    Flew for 55 minutes today, chasing my brother through the swamp, then loosing him in the woods... Never once had to use the 180 downwind turnaround :D I will say his Dom has gained a few knots as a result of his tweeking. We saw 3 elephants, 63 alligators, 13 deer, 7 turkeys, and 27 college...
  12. Earthboundmisft

    Rotax 582 Expansion Chambers

    Anyone have any actual experience with dual expansion chambers on a 582? Tinkeritis and a new expando design program has me thinking about hidden power potential. :rolleyes:
  13. Earthboundmisft

    Oil in my pulse line...

    Gathering opinions here. Does anyone else see oil in their fuel pump pulse hose? Mine is a gray head with 205 hours. Could a 'slug' of oil diminish the pulse signal? A recent re-plumb may be the culprit, I created a low spot in the hose. I'm running 40:1 premix.
  14. Earthboundmisft

    Scumbag POS...

    crackhead spearchucker stole hotel furniture, got pulled over, shot the deputy 8 times in the face, and chest. The deputy, a 30 veteran, female, died on the spot. All this after a 10 mile chase along a busy 2 lane road. After the shooting, the animal fled, finally crashing 1/2 mile from my...
  15. Earthboundmisft

    Valkaria airfest

    Hey fellas, just a reminder, the Valkaria Airfest is February 18TH. Come out to the East Coast, and enjoy a good fly-in. Look it up on the web, there is a lot going on. Camping and local attractions abound. I have the maintenance hangar going on in case of need.
  16. Earthboundmisft

    Hughes Brothers, Flight Of Two:

    Blew out of Valkaria at 9:30AM this morning. Let the ole man take the point. Headed West, over town to the good stuff. We descended, and I flanked, running through the woods. Northbound, we rambled on an off frequency, with the occasional warning of an (obvious) powerline. We marveled at the...
  17. Earthboundmisft

    New rotax engine

    I'm in love... 800R E-Tec 800cc 2cyl 2 stroke 164 hp. E-Tec direct injection. Haven't seen a close up yet, but it looks to have a mounting surface at the output shaft. Just came out in their latest snowmobile. 164 HORSES... 164 HORSES:eek:
  18. Earthboundmisft

    Holy crap he did it!!

    Jake's ugly mug is actually on TV!! VERY COOL so far!! Stay Tuned!
  19. Earthboundmisft

    The Ink Is Still Wet...

    I passed the FAA Inspection Authorization exam this morning. The process was less than pleasant. I have a different outlook towards the feds, and maintenance now. "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"....:smokin:
  20. Earthboundmisft

    Harleys at Indy...

    Pretty dam cool to see and hear 25 plus 1200's on the Indy road course. Kinda like IROC racing, with the focus on the rider.