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    I haven't gotten mine yet. Ordered it through PayPal, don't remember more.
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    2017 Calendars

    I will take 1.
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    So sorry to hear this. I haven't been on the Forum for several days and was really shocked to read this. My deepest sympathies.
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    Engine Recommendations (110-130hp)

    I'm using a 600 SDI, but my gyro is far from finished.
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    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

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    Jump take-off capability for all gyros!

    I thought the FAA had accepted the ASTM for gyroplanes. The ASTM standard does allow for a ground adjustable pitch. The gyro can't leave the ground with 0 pitch, so it is ground adjustable only. Sent from my phone.
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    an objective analysis of accident vid

    C Baty; Shame on you. It is obvious that the by C30 in question is mounted on the floats at about a 10° angle. It is no wonder with the floats pointing down 10° in level flight would cause a strong nose down force.
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    8 weeks after surgery

    Looking good Jake
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    Sunstate Calendars 2016

    Thanks Jake.
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    Our prayers are with you.
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    Thinking of you and my prayers are with you.
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    Idiot Builds Gyro To Go BACKWARDS!!!

    The Rotax 900 series engines have a single row ball bearing on the prop shaft, with a straight roller bearing on the other end. The ball bearing takes all the thrust in both directions.
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    muti- blades

    A Light Sport licence restricts you to 2 blades.
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    the original superman gyro circa long time ago

    liljoes, I think I saw you going up 27 just south of Haines City, the Monday after thanksgiving at about 3:00.
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    New Gyro CFI

    Congrats Greg, you will be a great CFI.
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    Tablets and GPS apps

    You might consider this.
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    I would appreciate it if you would not ship mine for at least another 10 days, as will be back home in Florida by then.
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    I'll take at least one Gabor.
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    Direct Injection 2 Strokes

    Yes; In the Rotax no oil is mixed with the gas, it does eventually get carried into the cylinder and get burned. The new Arctic Cat 6000 C-TEC2 engine injects oil in both the gas and the crankcase.
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    Direct Injection 2 Strokes

    The piezo fuel injector works fine for a lower pressure common rail system running less then 60 lbs of presser. The voice coil produces much more pressure, that is needed as there is less time for the fuel to atomize when it is injected after the exhaust port is closed. The Rotax 600 HO SDI out...