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    582 Butterfly for sale.

    As seen on May 2, 2015 Craigslist and also on Grand Rapids Michigan. Gyroplane gyrocopter for sale. Hart, Mi. 231 750 9394. Thank you. Harry.
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    water traps

    Today a friend stopped by and we looked over the gyro and I mentioned to him how last Nov. I had "mothballed" my fuel system by running 110 racing fuel (no ethanol) thru the engine as I was not going to be starting it as often. As like only once a month. I thought that this would be a good way...
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    replacing batteries

    Mine is a Butterfly 582 recoil start with the standard electric pre-rotator. I am replacing the wet cell 18lb. garden tractor battery with a <6lb. lithium-iron-phosphate Shorai 27ah type 3, dry cell battery. Shorai model # LFX27A3-BS12. Decided to use the supplied padding instead of...
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    gasoline fuel flow meters

    Hello to all, I am researching fuel flow meters. I believe that I would like have on my gyro a gasoline flow meter capable of registering in ounces. I wish to use this in place of a sidetank sight tube because for me I feel that sidetank sight tubes are not easy to read and sight tubes in...
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    two thousand and thirteen

    To each of us and to all of us. My hope is for a safe and special 2013. Let us keep our head through the cloud. Contribute towards one another in order to keep each other safe. May we live out our lives to fullfill our dreams. Fly steady, fly level, and may peace be with us all. MJD.
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    old question asked anew

    I know this has been talked here before but I can't find this. What is called the "chrome" like coating that I see on the exterior of some gyro's exhaust systems? Mine is not and it does not clean well at all, and to tell you the truth I am sick of it. Maybe this is because I'm only in that...
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    Batteries nowadays

    Many of the contributors here may be aware of what is available when it comes to light weight batteries that can be applicable to aircraft use. I am just now figuring it out, (always behind the "curve", oh shoot). What I wish to know is whom of us are using the LiFePO4 "LFP" iron phosphate...
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    what's it called?

    Over my course of training, it seems like almost everytime I rolled down the runway for take off, gradually gaining airspeed and rotor rpm, then all of a sudden the gyro hits an invisible "wall". A momentary "obsticle". This phenom was explained to me somewhat, but I can't remember. It kinda...
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    for sale: Mustang Aviation Coverall

    Hi all. I am planning on Mentone and I have a Mustang MAC 10 Avaition Coverall for sale and I can bring it with me. Olive drab. Size is a 9, medium long. Fits best on a clothing bearing person 5'7" 155 or so. Or you can strip down to skivvies and it will fit 5'8" 170. These suits are meant to...
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    Harry J Albert

    Harry J Albert. You find his name on Barnstormers selling gyros and related. Do you know him? Is his business trustworthy? MJD.
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    cable control stops

    Gonna cover something here that most of you have already considered and then dealt with accordingly. This area concerns the throttle cables in particular, yet should be applied to all cabled controls on the gyro. This is about taxing or laxing your cable stroke. Enough stroke is all you need...
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    pitot tubes

    Hi all, Does the length of the pitot tube have a bearing on the accuracy of the airspeed indicator? I am upgrading the original tube which is a thin wall 4.5" long section of aluminum tubing, 3/16" diameter id., replacing it with a 6" section of 3/8" diameter od with same id. of 3/16". I...
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    new posts/todays posts

    Dear administration, probably I should have determined this by now: on the header bar what is the difference between "new posts" and "today's posts" I've compared them and they appear similar. Does the reader benefit from having both ? Only wondering... MJD.
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    vortex sportcopter on ebay

    Today I viewed this Vortex model by Sportcopter for sale on Ebay. The seller described his gyro as being equipped with, amongst other features, a "rotor pitch adjustable hub bar". "track adjustable, self alignment, with coning and dampening system". I own and have under tutor flown my own gyro...
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    Mans inventions and natures creations.

    I have an elder sibling, this being my esteemed brother Michael. He and family live in Great Britain. Michael is working towards his pilots license for flying fixed wing microlights. He already owns a Chevvron and recently bought a Kolb. Michael has been consistently critical of my choice of...
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    GY-Rhino down

    News reports state that last Friday, July 15, an experimental "helicopter" crashed in an area near Jackson, Mi. I viewed a pic and suspected that this was a gyroplane. Did a search and found that it was a gyro and the female pilot was reported not to be seriously injured. I hope that this is the...
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    militaria flightsuits

    Hay People, lately I have bought a couple of Govt. spec flight suits from Craig's list and Ebay. The suits I bought were produced for personell in the armed forces, and sewn by private company's as per govt. specs. These are quality suits, and they are the best. I'm wearing one right now and I...
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    POV Cameras

    Hello everyone , I'm looking for a High Def 1080 camera to take video/singles when flying my gyro. I am planning on a return on my gyro investment by offering a recorded aerial observation/photo service for potential customers. I would need to have a helmet mount for a quick and accurate fix...
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    checking engine compression

    Hello to everyone. What is the acceptable range for compression between the cylinders on the 582 Rotax? I have the tools and wish to check yet not sure how to go about it. Please describe how, listing each step and why. Thankyouthankyou. MJD.
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    comparisons of flight dynamics, fixed wing to gyro

    Hello sling wing comrades, hope all is well during this holiday season. Maybe some of you can help a gyronewbie like me to counterpoint with a suspect fixed winger when they state to me that gyro dynamics are deficient as compared to fixed airfoil aircraft. In response I say that gyroplanes do...