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    WWII FA 330 development ?

    According to this page there are no info about development and trials of FA 330 -> There are some speculations that initial trials of FA330 are performed in Greek waters during the late 1941. and early months of 1942. on board of this ship...
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    For evaluation....

    Just for evaluation... Group 4 ship, long time in storage. Picture of area between fuel tank and cockpit. No other info available. Another subject of "vibration case" ?
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    Take care about your hardware

    Embrittled nut and related failures Useful reading -> Number of certified types are affected from R22 to AW119... Any experimental, possible, who knows?
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    HUMS toolkit Tnx to EHEST :yo: PS In case anyone have this PDF (ref on pg 22) pls PM "ADS-79C-HDBK: Aeronautical Design Standard Handbook for Condition Based Maintenance Systems for US Army Aircraft Systems"
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    FYI AIR&SPACE 18A for sale I am not related, but some people here may be interested
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    MAKS2011 - Moscow

    Some giros&helis(small) seen in Moscow... :wave:
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    Helicopter holidays?! (in 9A)

    We are considering to start to offer some holidays (working) by combining nice island on Adriatic with accommodation and decent priced B206 fly option with free landing and handling on local Airport (grass runway) see and some near islands helipads. Local weather is good for...
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    MAKS 2009 Moscow

    Some giros seen on MAKS 2009 Moscow, Zukovski