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    30 amp service at Bensen Days

    Could someone tell me if there are any 30 amp service camping sites left to reserve for Bensen Days. If so which ones? I went to the Bensen Days web site but I couldn't find the amp service for each site. Thank you! Chap
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    1999 Air Command

    Due to unexpected upcoming expenses I am having to sell my Gyro. If anyone is interested you can PM me or call. 1999 Air Command Gyroplane - $8000 (Waynesboro, Pa) 1999 Air Command with a Rotax 503. The engine has less than 90 hours. Currently "N" numbered and remains with the Gyro. It has...
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    1999 Air Command

    I have for sale my 1999 Air Command which has a dual ignition 503 Rotax air cooled engine and an IVO prop. The rotors are 23 foot Dragon Wings. It also has a prerotator. Instrument are an Air Speed indicator, Exhaust gas temperature, Cylinder head temperature, RPM gauge, and a Rotor tach, The...
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    Checking a Westach water temp gauge

    I'm having trouble confirming whether my gauge is bad or the sending unit. The gauge is a duel rpm/water gauge westach and is being used on a 582 Rotax. If I wanted to check the sending unit, should I remove the sending unit and place it in a quart jar with say 180 degree water. Then should I...
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    1999 Air Command

    Admin, Please delete this thread.
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    Fuel fittings on seat tank leaking

    I have three fuel line fittings on the bottom of the seat tank. One is for the fuel site gauge, the second for the carbs and the third is used to empty the seat tank when needed. I finger tightened the fittings and one of them still has a small leak where the fitting threads into the seat tank...
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    2" dual rpm/water gauge

    Anyone got a spare 2 inch rpm/water gauge that need and want to get rid of? The one I have appears to be not working correctly. The water temp maxes out as soon as I start the engine. I spoke with Westberg (it is a Westach gauge) and the rep thinks the gauge is bad. If anyone has one and...
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    Wiring a water temp gauge

    What wires are need for the water temp gauge. I ran one wire from the water sensor to the temp gauge and grounded the other. Do I need a hot wire to the water temp as well?
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    Wiring a tach

    I'm still messing with the gauges, trying to get them to work. I have the tach wired to the brown wire coming from the Rotax 582. The engine is only idling but the tach is registering 4-5 thousand RPMs. What am I doing wrong?
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    Oil injection Rotax 582 gray head

    I was going to start the Rotax 582 soon and have a question. I will be premixing the fuel and oil. I will not be using the oil injection that is on the motor. The engine came with the oil injection lever zip tied in the "idling" position. Is there anything I need to do to the oil injection...
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    Cutting the correct length of rudder cable

    Well today wasn't a good day. Tried cutting the rudder cables but it didn't work out. I offset the rudder to the right 1 1/2 inches on the Air Command. I set the rudder pedals where I thought they should be and went to work cutting and swaging the cables. It didn't work out. I had all kind...
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    Rudder cable ends and swage tool.

    I'm getting ready to install the rudder cables and need a little bit of help. What the easiest way for one person to tighten the cable around the round cable ends and then use the swage tool on the Ferrules? These are for my Air Command.
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    Hegar 6 inch disk brakes

    I got the brake lines installed and began bleeding the brakes on my Air Command. How do I get the air pockets out of the brakes lines? I did a search but nothing came up.
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    B Box gear oil fill.

    Okay, tell me what I'm going wrong. I removed both gear oil fill plugs and was filling with gear oil. I was filling from the top plug hole assuming that the oil would go down and when full it would start coming out the bottom plug hole. Well the top is full, and nothing is coming out the...
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    Installing a Warp Drive prop

    I'm about to begin the installation of the Warp Drive prop. Can anyone tell me what the following means, "the airfoil always faces forward on your craft". The directions were pertaining to the prop flange or squash plate. I looked at both and don't see anything significant to indicate it...
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    How do you lengthen the EGT probe wire?

    What type wire, size, ect would I use to extend my EGT probe wires? The EGT wires have small prongs on the ends and I would like to know what couplers I need to find to extend the probe wires. Thanks, Chap
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    Drilling instrument pod.

    Attached is a photo of the instrument pod that I will be using. Does anyone know about where I should drill the hole for the location where the wires will go in? Also, any idea of the size of hole?
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    Help with wiring a 582 Rotax

    About to begin wiring of the 582 Rotax. I have the build manual but I have no idea what all the squiggly lines mean. The instruments needing hooked up is a Hobbs meter, tachometer and water. I also need to hook up the on and off switch for the ignition. I also need to know how to wire the...
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    What the?

    Look what I found!!!!
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    This toggle switch okay for ignition?

    I picked up a toggle switch that I am planning on using for the on/off ignition switch. The switch has a red protector cap over the toggle switch. The only problem with the way it is configured is that when the red cap is closed the toggle switch is off. I wanted the ignition toggle switch...