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    Warp Drive 64” 3-Blade Propeller FOR SALE

    3-Blade Propeller, HPLR Hub , C Blades, SKU C03HRC New in-box, never installed. I'm selling out my project. Will fit all 2 and 4 stroke engines such as Rotax, Viking, Hirth, HKS, Polini, Simonini, Rotec, Verner, MZ, Cuyuna, Kawasaki and some Subaru. $985 new, BUT....selling for $750.00
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    Driving past Pensacola, FL to Bensen Days?

    Anyone driving past Pensacola or within a couple of hours on their way to Bensen Days?? I have a secret item to get to Earnie. I can't make it this year. Thanks! Brian
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    23' Dragon Wing Rotors, NEW in-crate, for sale

    I am selling my 23' Dragon Wing Rotors I bought several years ago from Rotor Flight Dynamics. New in-crate, never been used, never removed from crate. Mint condition. I'm selling out of my project and so they must go. Perfect time for someone to grab these, especially with my understanding...
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    I think it's time for a beer.

    What a week. Thought I would share my keezer/kegerator with you all. Here are a few videos. I'll host any that show up this weekend. We are having a small fly-in out at the airfield. Swimming, flying, night-cap after all the birds are put to sleep. Cheers! Enjoy the videos. Original...
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    Poll: Ban Kolibri

    Ban this no-name, unidentified troll. His anonymous posts are inarguably hostile. His mode is to assassinate the character of others. He brings nothing but hatred to this forum as referenced by name calling, sexual references by inferring two men flying together are boyfriends, slandering, etc...
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    RAF 2000 GTX-SE-FI For Sale! **

    SOLD! $26,500 obo from $29,500 We have decided to sell our RAF 2000! Our gyroplane has always been hangared and kept in pristine condition. The maintenance has been strict and thorough. We have decided to sell because we have other projects going on. Let me introduce you to the greatest...
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    Pilot friends don't let pilot friends drive

    The title says it all. No adventure here this weekend because I made the mistake of driving instead of flying to Disney this past weekend. Actually I should say that I made good pilot judgment by not flying out on the evening that I decided to drive because of a inclement weather. No, all good...
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    Prop repair in the field

    During a flight today we heard a tink followed by a whisping. I thought it could be either something with the exhaust or the prop. I made a precautionary landing at a nearby field and discovered a small prop strike. I couldn't find anything the aircraft shed. Possibly a lighter in my hoody? We...
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    Raf 2000 vne

    VNE with 95 mph over the ground. Weeee!! RAF 2000 Gyroplane VNE - YouTube
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    Slo mo fun in the RAF 2000, and more

    I'm finally getting around to making videos again. We found out by accident that the new iPhone 5s takes videos in slo mo. So enjoy! Here is a video of us flying into High Valley Ranch in GA. Amazing cabins right on the strip. A quick...
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    Rotax reman

    I'm getting my 582 blue head reman soon. The bing carburetors looks like I can do myself with the cheap rebuild kits. Does that sound correct? I'm going to send my blue head to Mississippi for the tear down and rebuild. Does the gearbox usually also need an overhaul if not used for a few years...
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    I wuz on the news! I'm in the news! WEAR channel 3 used some of my gyroplane flying video on their Road Trippin' special for this month. See you at the annual Brewton Fly-in this Saturday! To see the video, click on Destination Sponsor under the...
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    I'm a Private Pilot!

    Hey all! Finally completed my PPL in the Maule. Just wanted to pop in an day hello and pass the news up. I've been getting in some gyro time; most of the summer has been focused on the plane when the weather was good. Kim, Eva, and I took our first flight yesterday as a family. Enjoy some pics.
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    RAF 2000 Back in Action

    I've been super busy lately but I have finally gotten some great video up on YouTube. I didn't gyro much this winter because I've been flying the Maule, working towards my check out. During Valkaria Airfest, I got the bug again and I've been home tearing it up. We had a blast. I hope we can...
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    Maule Fever

    I've been out of the gyro lately and focussing on my Maule. Here are a few videos of some "goings-on" at the Willis Ranch. This plane sure is a fun machine. I have been having way to much fun. The damn thing flies a pattern as tight as my gyro. Enjoy. If you like, please subscribe to my...
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    BevMo nearby?

    Anyone near a BevMo? Most of them seem to be in California. I'm looking for a good deal on Partida Reposado Tequila, BevMo has 750s for about $40 each. Anyone near a BevMo mind scouting me out two bottles? BevMo can't ship to Florida direct and other online stores are selling around $50+ a...
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    N235 Comes Home!

    My dad and I bought a Maule MT7-235 yesterday and brought her home from Moultrie, GA. Some may remember me poking around for STOL airplanes a while back. It's got the Lycoming IO-540 in it, full Garmin IFR, AP, and a few other bells and whistles. A true jewel on the airfield. I toured the...
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    100 hours

    I just logged 100 hours. How exciting! I have a surprise that will be unveiled next week also. Been quiet on here lately...something in the works. Happy flying, all.
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    Magic Bushing

    I noticed that my attitude was a bit nose high lately and the split mast was offset from a marker I made a while back. I pulled the rotors off and broke the mast down. Magic bushing needed replacing after 100 hours. It ate itself. I had ordered two recently so I was ready with a replacement. Dug...
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    A Visit to the Maule Factory

    Kim and I toured the Maule factory last week in Moultrie, GA. It's not rotor-craft related, but still a neat experience to share in the off-topic. We left early before sun-up and drove about four hours to Moultrie. We were met by Brent Maule just before noon at the factory. Brent was kind...