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    YG3 Achilles Heal News

    Over the past couple of years my good friends at Tango Gyro have discovered an Achilles "heal" with the Yamaha Genesis 3-cylinder (YG3) engines they use exclusively: The water pump impeller is plastic. It breaks and spins off the shaft, causing the engine to overheat. In most cases this...
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    Thrust-To-TOW Ratio

    Please note the change in thread title, after careful consideration of the thoughtful comments and suggestions below. Please find here a table for the ZeCA (explained below) Ratio for known (and some estimated) gyrocopter types with their respective power plants. The list will be edited and...
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    Why I have always hated Rotax

    Why did I go venturing into the (at the time) totally unkown realm of Yamaha engines? Here's a good example: Need a WASHER to attach Rotax flywheel or RK400 clutch to the 582 taper shaft? Cost: $20.00 For a stupid washer. Of course it's an oddball size, I would have to machine one from...
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    Certified Gyrocopter Types

    Please clarify: What gyrocopters are certified? I know Air & Space 18a is, but I am unclear after that. Calidus? Cavalon?
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    Most Pristine Yamaha RX1 Engine?

    Just mounted this 2003 Yamaha RX1 YG4 140HP engine on an Air Command gyroplane this afternoon. What a beauty! It came to me with 300-400 miles on it.
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    Cheek Plates 101 - What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Moving the head mount forward on this a full 6" after swapping out the 320 lbs 130 HP Subaru for a 170 lbs 160 HP Yamaha, permanently leaving elephant Soobie mother-in-law on ground permanently... Just finished up the Visio cheek plates redesign this evening, thought to share with you the old...
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    World's First 160 HP Yamaha EXUP Aircraft Engine!

    Yesterday, March 25, 2020 I revved up the first ever aircraft conversion Yamaha Genesis 4-cylinder (YG4) with EXUP titanium, computer-controlled, valved exhaust - which produces a whopping 10-30% MORE POWER across the mid-range power band than conventional YG4's. This Air Command Tandem...
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    Conversion Matrix for SPEED, THRUST & HP

    It is fun to play with numbers and power output for our power plants, so here is a nifty little conversion table I have been using for a few years that others might want in their reference folder. With this, you can determine things like Theoretical top speed, with known static thrust (tied...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    Attached is a photo my customer's electric double-motor, two-stage pre-rotator. For safety, a heavy-duty solenoid relay is used to isolate power to the electric starter motors when not in use, but that is not the question. You don't need a solenoid to run the motor(s), for testing purposes you...
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    Deland, FL Airshow

    Did ANYONE in here go to the Deland Airshow? If so, any comments about it? I noticed Silverlight was an exhibitor, maybe Greg of Abid can chime in and give us their thoughts and take-aways. I only just heard about it today - weeks after the fact - in an email offering MAC an exhibitor's list.
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    Need help, Bearing replacement sizes for Rotax C box

    Some folks I know need help with the right size bearings for a Rotax C box, replacing the prop shaft front bearing. Thanks.
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    The "Nine O Nine" B-17 crashed

    I am deeply saddend by the loss of life and total destruction of aircraft yesterday. I wrote on this forum about four years ago that I had just enjoyed an exhilarating experience off the coast of Savanna flying "in formation" with a B-17, known as the "Nine O Nine", for a short distance as...
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    First 165HP Yamaha EXUP Aircraft Build

    Photos of progress on Geoff Resney's Air Command tendem, formerly a Subaru powered gyro. This is the first ever Yamaha Genesis 4-cylinder (YG4) 165HP EXUP aircraft. Yet another AC Yamaha pioneering project. Chris Toevs, et. al., was lamenting that missing from RF these days are the detailed...
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    Considering the Rotax 915

    FYI: Rotax builds great engines, no argument there. I always wanted one, but could never come to grips with the cost. The latest and greatest is the 915. It puts out 140HP up to 15,000 ft. by finally getting on board with what I...
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    Mentone - Are you going? POLL

    There are two new Yamaha conversions coming to Mentone this year - my first visit since 2015, when I showcased the Silent Drive with prop strike protection clutch for Yamaha engines. These two motors will be available for folks to inspect, and detailed information will be made available. The...
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    Yamaha WEIGHTS - MAC YG2!! 80HP Phazer 4-strk, 2-cyl, EFI, 88/123 lbs, liq-cool

    It's HERE!!! Remember back in 2011 when Ernie tried to do a successful YG4 (Yamaha Genesis 4-cylinder 4-strk 150HP) conversion and ran into so much trouble and headache he abandoned it and never did another one? Remember when I did a YG4 right after it, and it was trouble-free right out of the...
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    MAC Yamaha 80-85 HP 2-cyl 4-cycle kit: Flying Video

    MAC customer in New Orleans could not wait to finish his exhaust before he took off in his Quicksilver floatplane to test it out and see how much it beats the boots off Rotax 582. Someone once wrote on RF that these engines didn't work, they had tried and failed and everyone should just forget...
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    Why I Am Not At Bensen Days 2019

    I promised a bunch of people I would show up at Bensen Days this year. Here's why I did not go.
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    Rest in Peace. Respectfully wondering what happened. There is a donation link for his surviving wife and young children here:
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    Barry Days Invitational

    Barry Kroplin's October invitational (RSVP not requested) was as enjoyable as ever! Where else can you find everything from an open stick frame Gyro Bee to a eurotub AR-1, and everything else in between? Air Command, RFD, Avio Mania, Snobird were just a few of the recognizable mfg to be found...