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    What is the best stand alone GPS?

    Well I just read the details on this "wristwatch" GPS, it appears to have all the features my old yoke mount Lowrance 1000 had and maybe more. Didn't see anything about an external antenna or external power or battery life, doesn't make any difference, it's mind blowing. If this were expanded...
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    Little Wing vido

    If a factory tractor style kit ever comes out, it will most likely come out of Europe. Tony
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    Chinese bought another American helicopter company

    Between the debt we owe to China and the trouble the "petro dollar" is in, I think we here in the USA can truly say "HELLO HUSTON, WE GOT A PROBLEM" Tony
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    Bensen Days unicom radio

    Hi Gab The one I made for the tower at Mentone had about a 30 mile range with a little homemade quarter wave ground plane antenna on a TV mast stuck in the ground, (before it was put in the tower), will box up and send it to you. Good luck on finding a schematic wiring . Tony
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    Bensen Days unicom radio

    Some time back there was a post on the forum talking about a "Unicom" type radio needed for use on the field at Bensen Days. I had suggested looking for one of the "older" aircraft radios and using a 12 volt power supply along with a cabinet and jack panel to make such a radio ( I did this on...
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    snobrid vs bandit

    jany77 The Bandit just never became very popular and the Snobird was popular for quite some time----- there was a reason ;) Tony
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    Cancellations - famous names

    This is interesting, I wonder if something equivilant is occuring in the fixed wing class like in trikes and such ???? Tony
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    Can someone help me calibrate my eyes for Ebay gyros...

    George Moore and Captain Silver, now there were a pair. If I recall right Captin Silver actually was a licensed seafaring Captain, he loved to talk gyros Tony
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    Can someone help me calibrate my eyes for Ebay gyros...

    Hi Brian The first "calibration" you want to look at when looking at a "GREAT BUY" on a gyro on e-bay is---- how many of this model do you see flying, and if not many or none, WHY !!! It seems that really good buys show up on the forum sooner or later (where experienced people are the...
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    Fatal Crash in Oregon

    ferranrosello I think you have just CLEARLY identified the number one "achilles tendon" flaw in the "high thrust line, large low HS" style or design. A true centerline thrust will still be stable at 0g. Time should confirm this. Tony
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    Old house on Mentone airport

    Hi Arnie Know exactly what you are talking about, same laws exist here. As far as the house goes, I have seen some deals like this resolved rather simply. The party holding titles and maintainance resposibility agrees to give title to prospective buyer if buyer will pay back taxes (not a...
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    Old house on Mentone airport

    Well well well Just finished reading quite an interesting realestate article (plus some links) on "Zombie Houses". First, according to the article, Indiana ranks right up there in the top ten states for percent of "Zombie" houses. Starting things off, I hope we have some good realestate...
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    Fly-in at Joplin, Mo Fox 14 showed up

    This would have been a bit of an embarassing situation at a significant PPC fly-in. To bad there weren't a couple of "basic" gyros there. Tony
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    Upper hub assembly for RAF redrive

    One of the suprises that I got when I made a belt re-drive in a pusher set up was indeed the heat factor. Had just never thought of the "obvious" factor that when an engine is mounted in "pusher" ALL of the engine block heat is driven toward the back of the engine, through the re-drive (belt...
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    Aeronautical quiz?

    Now if that had been 240 lbs of flab and cellulite, it would have been offensive in anything less than a full length overcoat, but as it is, wish I could design a fuselage that looked that good :) Tony
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    Dangerous and Illegal

    I'm looking for the humor, ------------haven't found it yet . Tony
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    Looks light and small

    A really nice photo gallery lay out of the "MOTUS" Katech V4 engine at the "HOT ROD" magazine website, it is of the older engine block, some nice articles also. Tony
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    Looks light and small

    last word I had on the grapevine was they had already made some really nice changes, one the crank comes out the opposite end as well to give a power source for accessories and there had also been a crankcase change of some kind. It appears these people can make "in house" changes overnite and...
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    Cog belt shred-o

    A cog belt drive is simple "only in appearance" . The factors that will influence the belt tension are many more than what you get with a simple speed reduction arrangement setting on the ground on a piece of industrial machinery, been there done that, was a real education. Tony
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    When I titled the thread "manure" it did have a little bit of a political origin :) I was thinking of the time a woman was at political gathering that was for President Harry S. Truman. It is well known that President Truman was a very plain spoken man, using terms and words that most anyone...