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    Rotor Head

    Need a used single place Aircommand or Bensen style rotorhead. AND Brock style throttle quadrant.
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    Hi, I'm looking for an Air Command style rotor head for a single place ultralight Sparrow Gyro. Thanks
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    P.R.A. convention Updates

    Greetings Rotorheads. I thought the P.R.A. fly-in was going on this week ?? How can it be that there has not been one word said about it on this board ? I don't expect to see updates on the P.R.A.'s web site as its virtually never updated, but here I did. Isn't anyone there ? I'm planning on...
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    New Sparrow Build

    Greeting's Rotor head's I will be starting my build soon and was wondering if anyone on the forum has ordered or used the 2x2 tubing sold by Dana from Starbee with the radius's outside corners,and if so, how far do I need to keep the holes from the outside edge to keep from scoring the inside...
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    Vender reference ?

    Greeting's fellow rotorfolk, Has anyone on R.W.F. had any dealing's or know anything about a guy named Harry J. Albert from Talihina OK. on Barnstormer's. He advertise's A lot of Gyro's for sale,but when I requested some photo's I heard nothing. Thanks, JETROCK
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    ?? about posting

    Why do some of my posts have to be reviewed by moderators and some not. I have tried to respond with info for interested people but it never shows up.
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    Dominater Tail

    Greetings fellow rotorheads, I am wondering if anyone knows what the tail from a RFD Dominater weigh's,as I'm building a 3drv and have not yet decided if I'm going to use the aluminum tail in the plans or the very nice looking tail from RFD. I'm making it my mission to build it as an ultralight...
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    Sparrow Plans

    WTB; Set of 3drv or Sparrow ultralight plans.
  9. J

    J4B2 plans

    Unused Barnett J4B2 plans for sale.$150 O.B.O. Todd [email protected]
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    New guy from Milwaukee

    Hi, My name is Todd and I'm Addicted to Rotorcraft ! I've been "lurking" for about a year and I thought it was time to introduce myself. I owned and flew a Bensen back in the"80's". It was a crash victem I bought and rebuilt, then flew for four years(tought myself as was common those days.) I'm...