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    Aircraft-Construct HX I Helicopter

    To the detectives out there, does anyone know the details about the HX I helicopter drawing set by Aircraft-Construct? It seems to be of German origin. I obtained an extremely detailed set of 3D CAD models and assembly drawings of this so-called HX I, 2-seat helicopter a while ago. 290 items of...
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    Another one in Oz

    Not so good news.
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    Jabiru Engines

    Hi All, Just in case someone on the forum is using this engine, take note of this: Cheers, Francois
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    Australian Victa Gyro

    Hi All, Here is a long forgotten Australian design, a 2-place gyro that was then on-par with the 2-seaters of the day, the American Air and Space 18A and the Canadian Avian. It had all the bells and whistles of pre-rotation and a short jump take-off. Such a shame it never went any further, not...
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    Yamaha Oil Reservoir Tank Installation

    Hi All, I have a question for the guys using a Yamaha sled engine in their machines. Most of you are using the original oil reservoir tank. I do not have space for one, I need to design a custom tank. My question is, at what height are you guys mounting your tanks? I understand the engine...
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    MT Wooden Composite Props for sale

    I have 3 used (certified but now undocumented) MT Wooden Composite Props for sale, going cheap. Only issue, they are in Australia. I have the following available: MT-172-RD-125-2C, 67,7" diameter x 49,2" pitch Right Hand Pusher. MT-172-RD-135-2C, 67,7" diameter x 53.1" pitch Right Hand Pusher...
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    MTV-7 composite 3-bladed pusher electric CS prop for sale.

    I have available for sale a used MTV-7-F/LD 165-03 electric variable pitch constant speed 3-blade pusher propeller, with infinitely variable pitch range from take-off to feathering position via automatic or manual electronic control. It was used around 500hrs on a Lycoming 235 pusher engine. The...
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    WA Police at it's best.....

    The Pilbara region in Western Australia received 9 inches of rain over three days resulting in ‘minor’ flooding in low lying areas. These photos were taken just outside of Port Hedland and showcase WA’s police force at its finest. The question is, do you think they should have let the...
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    Chinese Co-axial

    Check out this M-16 co-axial helicopter from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA). Seems Rotax powered. Cheers, Francois
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    So here we go again, same copyright/patent story. I would still like to know the correct legal interpretation. Why? It’s public knowledge that I have been building a Skeeter Jr helicopter, and have based it on the Cicare CH-6 design. I have utilised some Mini-500 parts that I have privately...
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    Zhuhai Airshow

    The first 2 recreational rotorcraft I have spotted here. I just saw Rotorway International pull up as well.
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    Mini-500 for sale in California.

    Check out this sale. A bit on the expensive side, sitting out there in the sun in Santa Margarita, near San Luis Obispo, California. Transparencies seem ruined, I wonder if it has main rotors, and if the tail transmission and T/R blades are there? Engine...
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    Koni Enterprises Rotorhead and Swashplate

    I had a set of drawings for the Koni Enterprise K31-5000 Rotorhead and K41-3000 Swashplate. A friend asked me for a rotorhead drawing, and now I can't find my Koni drawings! Anyone out there have a set they can publish on the forum? Thanks, Francois
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    Mini-500 Support Thread

    I'm going to attempt the unthinkable, that is create a Mini-500 support thread. But I am going to delete or edit any posts that keyboard bashes anyone or anything about the history. Let's leave the past in the past. Post only fair comments. I keep on getting requests for information that I may...
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    Mentone 2012 Heli pictures please.

    Can someone go and satisfy the appetite of us heli guys, by please taking and posting pictures of all the helicopters at Mentone? I understood there were going to be a gaggle of Safari's, HeliCycle's, Mosquito's, R-44's, and an MH-1. Maybe even a Brantly and an Enstrom. I've only seen a picture...
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    Dual Tacho

    This is one sweat dual tacho !! Anyone have an idea where the gauge originally comes from? I'd like to get one installed into my Yamaha powered Skeeter heli.
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    Mosquito Down

    Another fatal experimental heli crash down under. This time seemingly an unregistered Mosquito.
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    Amazing Heli Piloting
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    GT Kruza Crashes

    Another unfortunate accident, this time Victoria, Australia. 2 fatalities. Wreckage all contained in small area. Seemingly instructor and student....
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    Anyone near Fort Dodge, Iowa

    Are there any forum members that stay in or near Fort Dodge, Iowa?