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    Aviomania G2sA two people, 40 liters fuel 100 HP Joyride.

    An old friend, a fellow gyro pilot, visited us from UK last week. We went for a flight so he can check out the Aviomania G2sA. At the end he asked me to show him some of my display maneuverers.... So I did fly some of the gentle maneuverers for him. He loved them.
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    air to air video of the latest G2sa-2 "Genesis Duo"

    Intercepting :cool::cool::wink::laser: and escorting a fixed wing aircraft down to our private airstrip for landing.
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    Aviomania At Corfu Beach

    This is Thodoros.... a very nice guy.. around 70!!! Flying one of the first Aviomania kits (6-7 years old now). I thought to share!!
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    Aviomani Genesis CE in RED

    so... is the red color nicer or do you prefer the white with strips?
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    Prototype Aviomania Genesis duo

    Hello Guys. my Prototype Genesis duo is up for sale. i must built me the new version (G2sB) with the longer cabin as this is the one we are offering now.. so i must have one to show and offer check flights on. I have dismantle to convert the A version to B version..... but it will take more time...
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    Another accident... luckily no fatalities.
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    Built Genesis kit for sale at reduced price

    I am posting this for a customer: I am also posting it in "General discussions" because not many people check the for sale threats. The Customer brought this to us for final inspection before final assembly but.... when he saw the new G1sB ... he fell in love with the new shape so he wants one...
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    Aviomania Genesis 912

    As promised here are some pictures from of the Genesis 912. Also a small video..... not the best videographer.... but next time we fly in the racing track i will have a good videographer. Video Link The...
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    Aviomania Genesis at Corfu beach.

    One video that was uploaded by Theodoros Michalef flying his Genesis G1sa from a beach in Corfu (Greek Island). He is 68 years young. Some of his older videos here...
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    Little Nellie Auto Gyro

    He even modeled Ken Wallis!!!!! watch at 1:25 :) Little Nellie Auto Gyro by Safelandings! - YouTube
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    to the Australian members

    How come we can not registered in the ASRA forum?? i have registered 3-4 times but i never got a confirmation to join .. and still can not log in.... i would like to be reading the Australian forum as well as i do with the Russian and German sometimes (with the help of Google translator :) ).
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    Aviomania.. SAVE UP TO 5,500.00 US$

    We have done our research and calculations and yes.. You can save up to 5500 US$ on our full quick built kit on last years price!!!! Visit: for more information but hurry as the offer is only on the kits we have in stock and only till end of August!!!
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    They closed us down!!!!! but we will rise again!!!

    Unfortunately Wednesday was our last flying day at Kingsfield airfield. Our Gliding club was forced to shut down by Cyprus department on civil aviation. The club was operating there for the last 40 years, 10 miles from Larnaca international airport. Somehow now the authorities feel it is...
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    CAA inspectors work even at holidays

    Just to see how dedicated the UK CAA check flight inspectors are. Santa's checkflight - YouTube Best wishes to everybody for the holidays and new year.
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    BMW R1200 90HP for sale

    the BMW was purchased from air trikes in Canada it was test run before delivery.price was $8500-00 including excluding the packing and hours is just the test running. It comes with stab exhaust and oil cooler... what you see in the pics. The owned wands a 582 for his Genesis ...
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    Aviomania Pictures from Greece.

    I am working late on the web page, updating info etc.... and wile i am waiting for the PC to do its job i though i could share some pictures from the resent trip i had in Greece. i hope you like them.
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    0 to 1600 feet in 32 seconds

    Ok... not in a Gyro.. I got my GoPro HD camera and i tried it yesterday at the gliding club. That was the only place to be mounted. I am ordering suction cups and more mounts. First is a normal winch launch with a first time student (that is why is a gentle launch). Second clip i was giving a...
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    Thanks to ALL Mentone photographers!!!!

    I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to ALL the people that attended Mentone and posted pictures for all of as that we are far away to "Join you" with our minds. I hope that next Year everything will be well and a "CYPRUS GROUP" will join you. Again.. many thanks for the photos and if you have...
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    Aviomania G1Sa onboard camera

    Enjoy Cyprus scenery (now that it is green) over the area we fly. Check the stick shake of the DW and check how it feels to fly the G1Sa. The nose does not "dance" left right or up down. At the last part of the video you can enjoy some ultra low level dirt road following...
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    Aviomania G1Sa Ridge soaring

    Yesterday it was around 15 mph wind directly on a nice ridge so i enjoyed some ridge soaring ( with power ). I was hovering over a spot on a ground, flying side ways, backward, going up and down vertically, while i was videoing it all from the gyro. Giorgos was on the ground with another camera...