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    First days of training at Airgyro

    Intro to flight training
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    New Light weight and cheap to build

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    Gyro on Floats
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    One day at Airgyro

    AirGyro One Afternoon - YouTube
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    MTO Sport on the beach

    more pictures Links to my photos on facebook from Veracruz Mexico. We flew the MTO Sport from the beach near the hotels. It was great fun.
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    Long x-cntry in the Calidus

    These are from the trip from Stinson field Kansas to Lake Havasu AZ. It was a fun trip. Every time it take this gyro on a trip it makes me love it more. the Pictures are here
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    Calidus -- Airgyro

    I thought you might like this one The Auto-Gyro Calidus at Airgyro - YouTube
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    A short flight with precautionary landing.

    A short introduction to the Auto-Gyro Calidus - YouTube
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    Calidus Auto-Gyro near Utah Lake

    Calidus departing from Airgyro. Flys over a mountain, down a canyon and along the shoreline atl low altitude. Autogyro Departure With two Views and Transitions - YouTube
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    Plans built Super cheap twin rotor autogyro

    I thought you might like this one. Plans
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    Gyro club

    Airgyro is thinking about setting up a club for gyro pilots. This is some of what was discussed $7500 membership fee. Includes 20 hours of flight training $950 monthly dues. Includes 8 hours of flight time in one of the club gyros. $1000 dollar credit for each referral that becomes a club...
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    WindRyder Gyro at AirGyro Jake made this while Kent was in SF for some training. I took the gyro up for a few passes just to see how it handled.
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    Pictures of Whats going on at AirGyro

    I have some nice pictures from time to time and decided to make a place for them.
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    Auto-Gyros make there way to Utah

    As many know Airgyro became an Auto-Gyro Dealer last year. Our first gyro arrived in the USA last year but never made it to Utah as it was sold prior to our taking delivery. We ordered 3 more gyros and they will arrive in the next few weeks. We get 2 calidus and one MTO Sport. We are still...
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    Gyros from Auto-Gyro available from Airgyro

    The Calidus 912 and 914 The MTO Sport Arriving this month, October 2012. Call me for details. Mike 801.794.3434 We have these gyros in stock. That means you can get one now without waiting months. Soon we will also have the Cavalon.
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    El Mirage 2012

    I did not see an El mirage 2012 event thread so I started this one. The crew from Chapter 2 arrived on the lake in two waves. The first wave was Glenn Kerr and Kevin Richey. Glenn brought his Butterfly with a new motor and Kevin brought a Sport Copter with a Yamaha. The second wave was Me...
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    Rotr 2012

    Just a big pile of photos from ROTR. I have not had time to edit or organize these. Also I will post one or two and a link to the rest as I am too lazy to post them all. The rest of the images
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    Panoramio Group Gyroplanes

    I created a photo group on Panoramio. Panoramio is Google's geocoded photo sharing site. My goal is to promote the sport through pictures of our aircraft and events. Here is the link to the group's images. You can help. Here is a link to a Pre-approved invitation to share pictures in...
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    KBFF 2011 Pictures

    Just thought it would be fun to post some pictures of this super event. Thanks Chapter 1 for all work it takes to make it fun for the rest of us. Link to more images and larger sizes
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    Chicago from the Calidus

    Chicago skyline from the east Getting ready to depart Oshkosh MTO sport leading the way I took these on the way to Mentone from Oshkosh. We made one stop for some personal business and then on to Mentone. I was folowing the MTO and most of the trip we made 70kts indicated airspeed. At...