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    Bensen Days 2016

    Bensen days 2016 March 30 / April 2. Never to early to make your plans, Or at least you now know when to be there wayyyy ahead of time :boom:
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    Home in Wauchula

    We bought a home in Wauchula ! We will be moving down in the near future,before Bensen Days I hope. Our place in North East Ala. is up for sale. I just was not able to take care of it as was needed. To old to mow the five acres and maintain it ,getting old sucks ! If some one needs a great...
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    weather in wauchula,

    :welcome:36 degerees here this morning,29 wind chill,I have been cold in florida before but this seems an extreme to me, and had to cet up and switch tanks on the camper heater! :Cry:
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    Mike Stennet

    We lost another this week,Mike Stennit of N.Ft.Myers Fl. passed yesterday.Not from a crash but I don't know what happened.He was found in his home by his brother. Mike flew for a charter group,westwinds and other small jets. He flew gyros and was a very good pilot. Mike was not much over...
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    bensen gyro

    Bensen type gyro ,532 rotax, A "George Goff"gas powered prerotor,new engine that George just built.New fuel pump,new egt and cyl. head temp. I don't have pictures but can be seen flying on ggfirestars videos on the forum. 256-254-8460 cell
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    used vhf base unit

    Any one have a good used base unit for sale? I need one to set up for bensen days . The hand held s are ok I can hear ok but the hand held radios do not reach out far enough from the ground. Email me ,[email protected] phone me , home 265-632-1441 cell,265-254-8460
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    Wauchula bound!

    Leaving for Wauchula at 04:30 in the morning. Trying to get through Atlanta before traffic gets bad. Hope to be there before dark.:)
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    George Charlet

    Jennifer just called and told me that George Charlet,past president of the PRA has passed away. Don't know any of the details yet. I ask all to keep his wife Betty and family in your prayers.
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    solomans castle

    Are we going to the castle thursday the 22nd? I know that most everybody has enjoyed it in the past. Post here if you are likely to go so I can call alane and let her know.:noidea:
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    So long old Buddy

    No more twinkees, How will we old guys survive ? Love those googy, fat filled things. So long old buddys
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    net geo

    net geos "mad scientists" is on and they are trying a jet powered motorcycle. They did a electric ultra light.
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    Gyro Jake

    Bad news, Jake called me and told me that he was in the hosipatial for a week. He had a stroke.He said that he was about 60% of what he was and is very upbeat about it.He is home now and has a lot of folks looking out for him. His neighbours are good people.I have met the most of them. He has...
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    Stuff for sale

    Ora Cook asked me to post this for him.He has the prices and can be reached @ 863-675-6617. 503 aircommand,single place with enclosed trailor.[ I have flown this gyro and it is not a bad little flyer] 100 hp arrow,two place tandom aircommand. Dominator,90% finished. 532,dc/di Star flight...
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    old sniper

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    very good news!!

    Just got off the phone with Jake.He had the "rotor"rooter performrd yesterday.All is good now and he is home.Has to rest up for a few days before resuming his work but that is good. We did not know what they would have to do,stent,bypass or what.Thank god the "rooter" took care of him.
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    Happy Birth day U.S.M.C

    I would like to wish the corp's a very happy birth day . And to all of you "Grunts" a big THANK YOU for your service!
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    Hanging it up

    It is with deep regret I am making this post. After 26 years of flying gyros I have to stay ground bound,at least as P.I.C. I have had several "small" strokes over the past few years and the last one made me stop and think.If this will happen on the ground could it happen on the air? Well Yes...
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    Eric Holder

    Please go to and vote on this most important issue:help: question
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    Hey Hey Bensen Days!!

    Only twenty six days left untill the premier gyro gathering kicking off the season of FUN, FUN,FUN! Come on, Get excited get packed and ready for the road . I am ready for some warm weather. This has been the coldest I have ever been in my life. I know coudda,shudda stayed in FLORIDA
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    Happy Birthday!!

    Jon, You and my mother share the same birthday, She is 92 today however.:party: