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    Bensen Blades and Rotax 503 for sale

    I have a set of Bensen blades for sale. I also have a Rotax 503 with a belt drive for sale. I have decided to go a different route with my project and need to get rid of this stuff to continue. PM me if you're interested. Pics of engine in classified section. Thanks, Tim
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    Department of Defense Flying Car?

    I just saw this article about the DOD making a flying car. It is said to be used in hostile terrain and in in places where mines are high risk. Can't wait to save up $55 million so I can get one.
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    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    Hello everybody, I'm looking at going to Embry-Riddle sometime next year. I have heard different things about it that worry me. Is there anybody here on the forum that has gone there or that knows someone that has? I am looking for honest opinions and a little explanation if possible as to why...
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    My sister is an addict...

    Hello everyone, I am lost and my family needs help. My sister is a heroin/cocaine addict. She met the wrong guy who had a serious problem and he helped make it her problem. February 2009, we all knew she had a problem but never knew the extent. The day before my birthday, I exploded. I busted...
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    Engine Weights

    What is the heaviest engine that has successfully flown on a gyro and how much did it weigh? Thanks, Tim
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    Thanks to Ron and Barry

    I was fortunate enough to make it up to Goose Creek today for some flying time with Ron and Barry. It was my first flight in a gyro, and I have to say it was amazing! Ron and Barry are both very talented gyro pilots. It was a great learning experience and it really set me on fire to try and...
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    Testing Aluminum??

    Does anybody know of a way to test aluminum to make sure it is 6061-T6? I bought some 2x2 tubing locally. He had to order it from another supplier because they didn't keep it in stock. I told him it was for an aircraft and my life depended on it. I heard him ask the supplier on the phone three...
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    KB2 From Scratch

    So....I decided to build a KB2 from scratch. So far, I have the keel, axle, and mast cut and marked to be drilled. Most of my angles are cut, drilled, and ready to go. Cheek plates are rough cut, but I might be going with the drop keel so I can use a bigger prop and a tall tail. I was fortunate...
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    Cri-Cri (Cricket) Engine??

    Sorry for the off topic question, but does anybody know what those engines are on the Cri-Cri plane? I saw the video and it is really bugging me. Tim
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    2024-T4 or 2024-T3?

    I don't want to risk a failure because I can't find the right materials. The KB2 plans say to use 2024-T4 on the axle clamps. Will 2024-T3 work instead? Which is stronger? Thanks, Tim
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    1980 Rotax 503 Belt reduction

    Anybody have or know where i can find a belt reduction drive for a 1980 Rotax 503? I can't put a gearbox on this old thing and I'm going to have to make my own bracket to mount the belt drive. I have looked everywhere! The only ones i've found have the propeller mounted below the engine. I am...
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    KB2 plans!!

    I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to find a set of plans for the KB2. I know Brock Mfg. has been closed for a while now. I've looked everywhere and clicked every link, and still can't find anything. I'll pay somebody for their old ones, no problem. Somebody please help me!! Thanks, Tim