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  1. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    Well thank you John. Not sure how much teaching I'm actually doing, but learning and adapting is constant. If I ever feel like I know it all, then building & flying gyros shouldn't be on my to-do list.
  2. Brian Jackson

    Private conversations visible on main page

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Brian Jackson

    Private conversations visible on main page

    Just an FYI: It appears that on the lower right section on the main page is an area called "Latest Profile Posts" that seems to display PMs between individuals. Should this field be omitted from view? If this is indeed PMs, I would feel funny about having private messages openly displayed. Thanks.
  4. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. This weekend was more about design/modeling work than fabrication, though I did begin lathing the lower inserts for the vertical shock strut tubes. Similar curve-tapered form to the other inserts I've posted photos of here but different internal design...
  5. Brian Jackson

    Helicopter Crash-Lands on Roof of Midtown NYC Skyscraper, Killing Pilot

    This happened only 4 blocks or so from my project site on Park Ave, though I wasn't there at the time. Was saddened to hear the news. NYC hasn't been forgiving of helicopters this past year. I'm also reminded that the Empire State Building was built with a mooring mast for dirigibles... docking...
  6. Brian Jackson

    What about an open source project for a G impact self leveling landing gear?

    Something I am personally interested in seeing developed is a thin-ish, inflatable seat cushion that releases air via a check valve after a certain pressure to decelerate the spine upon a hard vertical impact. Larry Neal's G-force gear does this but with a weight penalty and mechanical...
  7. Brian Jackson

    NEW, PRA By-weekly rotorcraft webinars coming soon.

    I am unfamiliar with webinar software. How would the user experience differ from a YouTube video? Or is there live interaction with the presenter?
  8. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    This weekend was about details. The landing gear strut plates and bracket needed one additional feature: a shear pin. I didn't want to rely on clamping force alone to prevent the bracket from rotating about the main thru-bolt at its outer extremity. Otherwise if it ever came loose the bracket...
  9. Brian Jackson

    Engine Mount Cross-Bearers - Alternate for DynaFocal? Hi Flyboy. I've been posting progress photos in this thread. The mounts are near bottom of page 1 linked above.
  10. Brian Jackson

    Available rotors discussion.

    I believe Averso Stella is another make that Silverlight Aviation is using. Fara (of Silverlight) on the forum would have a great deal of knowledge on this brand. I own a Gyro-Tech carbon fiber rotor though I have not flown it yet so cannot comment.
  11. Brian Jackson

    Double Hang Test Accuracy vs. Rotor Coning Angle

    Thank you Paul. This sounds like a reasonable approach. And yes the years have evolved the to-do list. Still much to do on the build but planning ahead. I appreciate you and the others here on RWF helping me get this far. Question though... am I correct in assuming the proxy weight's COG be...
  12. Brian Jackson

    New Continuosly Variable Tramission

    One of the problems of using this concept in a drivetrain is the inability to complete the chain Circle. Notice how the video only shows you a semicircular chain progressing up the slope. Since chain links are a fixed-length you would have to stair step the ratios down the cone. Now it begins to...
  13. Brian Jackson

    Niki nd DTA Gyro Dealer in New York

    Hello Robert and Kristen. This is wonderful news to read, as I will be looking for a trainer when my home built is complete. I live in Sussex county, NJ and work in NYC. Was hoping to find a trainer closer to home. Welcome to the Forum.
  14. Brian Jackson

    Upgrade to Xenforo

    I got clearance from the wife to donate a few bucks a month. When the donation page is set up it would be nice to have the option for a recurring payment method.
  15. Brian Jackson

    Mast Damping

    Interesting video. Thank you. I've seen tuned dampers like this but not with the liquid element. Reminds me of trying to roll a half full water bottle. I don't know how or why this would be adapted for a gyro mast. Especially if the vibration frequency is continually changing with RRPM. My first...
  16. Brian Jackson

    Upgrade to Xenforo

    Been on 5 minutes and already love it! Why does this make me happier than it should? Thank you Todd.
  17. Brian Jackson

    Upgrade to Xenforo

    Looking forward to the switch. Thanks for letting us know. The forum is already a breath of fresh air lately since the server change.
  18. Brian Jackson

    Moral Support

    That makes me very happy, Jake! You have been thought of more than you know. Looking forward to chatting with you again. Glad you are feeling good.
  19. Brian Jackson

    Forum repairs and Updates

    Though I wrote back in email, here's my public Thank You! I had asked about a donations link since this upgrade is costing Todd. I feel the value I get from this forum warrants my contribution. On the daily bus ride to/from NYC I read the archives. So much knowledge and a great refresher for a...
  20. Brian Jackson

    Double Hang Test Accuracy vs. Rotor Coning Angle

    Another thing that occurred to me was a forum thread a while back about using scales under the tires to derive COM by calculation. Something was bugging me about this besides the iffy results. On the ground with pilot and full fuel the landing gear is deflected upward, at least for ships with...