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    Level flight before the initial climb

    Chuck , last sentence tickles me (as always). I see you standing on the podium of "whatever" University in front of thousands of graduates and tell them : down with "zeros" and "ones", boys and girls. There is a real world out there and you can feel it without microprocessors. Your twisted...
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    Odds and sods
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    Do people build anymore?

    gyrojake (Forum,Bless Him) is still " at full throttle" in his shop.
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    Ignition damping box

    (Sorry for out of topic.Did not know how to send a private message to Chuck Beaty. Although the topic is kind of Engines.) Hi,Chuck. Merry X-mas and soon happy New Year! Hope everything is as good with you as possible.I was watching this video ( ) and...
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    Hi, I just saw a post on our RW Forum by GyroCraft about somebody is offering a Bandit gyro for...

    Hi, I just saw a post on our RW Forum by GyroCraft about somebody is offering a Bandit gyro for sale.
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    Small improvements and/or additions to AR-1

    Great ,as always, work,Fara. How easy to override the trim system in case of any malfunction or it is automatic? Thank you.
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    Need Bensen Style Propeller

    Great quality and good price for Culver wooden propellers :
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    Candice - Just registered

    Hi,Boots. Just saw your reply today (replies have no automatic notifications). Thank you for a thorough ,detailed answer. Has anybody from Butterfly owners tried to fix all, mentioned by you problems to your knowledge ? Thanks again.
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    Candice - Just registered

    Boots,what was wrong with Butterfly? Thank you.
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    A low speed upset of Cavalon 425AG at KSMX.

    Chuck, could you call legally yourself a polygamist that time and not to be sued?
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    A low speed upset of Cavalon 425AG at KSMX.

    Chuck , she (#3) just didn't recognize Kazimir Malevich in you. Her loss.And Long Live Decimal system!
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    Starbee website?

    So , in this case : Who is the most reliable (quality wise ) supplier of 6061-T6 aluminum square tubings these days. Once I got from Online Metals horribly crooked 2x2. I could put a big pen between two of them ( 6' long ) attached at both ends.But (my fault) I never specified ,neither asked...
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    An interesting training experience in a Cavalon.

    Aha , "Magic" Mark's Design. When I throttle down and get in a vertical decent with zero forward speed my still rotating CW prop start spinning the gyro CCW. And the more I pull the stick the faster my gyro spins.Then, maybe it is just "asymmetrical" me.
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    An interesting training experience in a Cavalon.

    In vertical decent "first time" guys should expect spin to the right with CCW prop and to the left with CW prop. And the closer to the tail slide the faster spinning.
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    An interesting training experience in a Cavalon.

    Is the prop on the gyro CCW?
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    Gyro with roll cage - any examples?

    Fara, of coarse ,rotor was near stoping.When my gyro started rolling on the right side one blade hit the ground,bent all head assembly and the mast to left and stoped.The opposite blade still had enough energy to twist the mast even more and bounce from 1/2" 4130 bar. P.S.I have never smoked...
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    Gyro with roll cage - any examples?

    It was the year 2000 ,Black Rock desert in Nevada and I just started solo flying my gyro Bandit.We ,the Bandit's group chapter #5 was camping about less then a mile from the center of "Burning Man" which would start in about two weeks.It was my first time flying in desert so low and so slow. I...
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    Bandit Gyrocopter

    Thank you,Marion.You are our Gyro Goddess. And to be remembered by you is like to get a Medal of Honer.Thank you again and Happy Holidays. Georgi. P.S. Rando,of coarse CLT are more efficient and forgiving then HLT. And if you are happened to be in a...
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    Bandit Gyrocopter

    Yes,Kevin, I was in that group. Great time. 24 members. Respectable old wolfs : Bob Aspergren,Joe Souza,Bob Lewis,Mark Givans,Gary Brewer ..... Great guys. About the fatal accident with Troy Taylor. Good and kind soul guy. Was ready to fly after 4 hours instruction. For some reason ,when his...
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    Bandit Gyrocopter

    Rondo,can you elaborate a little bit more about "not a safe..." except HTL ? Any personal (or others) experience? Thank you.