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  1. FRANK'S

    WEBER ENGINE MPE 750 turbo

    that weber engine makes 140hp and for 5 seconds on full throttle it make 160hp so if it did not enough power it was not running right. I have one in my snowmobile and it drives this 2 place snowmobile me and my wife and great adventures and great speed and power.
  2. FRANK'S

    Bensen B8M for sale at a lost.

    thanks for replying for me, It was impossible for me to come on the forum for personnel reason. this has been sold for over a year now.
  3. FRANK'S

    Bensen B8M for sale at a lost.

    Yes near Windsor Ontario.
  4. FRANK'S

    Bensen B8M for sale at a lost.

    No Ontario Canada
  5. FRANK'S

    Ethanol Testing

  6. FRANK'S

    worlds fastest turboprop aircraft

    piff over 400 mph I had a motorbike that was faster then that. but ya that is sure a cool fast bird. Ok Ok my bike was in Kilometers but, Mph Kph's who cares lol
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    Flying Chair? !!

    it is very cool, the electric motors are coming stronger and stronger and lighter and more efficient maybe in 15 to 20 years good enough for a real Gyro.
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    You can win valuable prizes in our 8th PRA Raffle.

    So who won the Raffle with Gyro and everything else?
  9. FRANK'S

    2003 Yamaha RX-1 for Sale

    Sold for 1500Cnd
  10. FRANK'S

    2003 Yamaha RX-1 for Sale

    I will ride it this winter after fixing it.
  11. FRANK'S

    Gyro-Tech US dealer and Modified Airfoil blades

    Here you go in a bigger form
  12. FRANK'S

    Captain Drake <--- this one works
  13. FRANK'S

    Bensen B8M for sale at a lost.

    SOLD! Sad But True
  14. FRANK'S

    solid state voltage regulator

    I'm going to shut up now my communication skills are not good enough.
  15. FRANK'S

    solid state voltage regulator

    well I can guide you some of the solar power system run on 24 volt like the wind turbine and the likes of that but never in the amps you are needing probably the max you could find is 45 amps regulator, other then that I can't help you. but what if you use relays like a ford starter solenoid...
  16. FRANK'S

    solid state voltage regulator If you give me more details on what you need maybe I can help you has for now I got this .pdf for you with some info on charging system. seem to be 26vac regulated to 12volt dc at over 150 amps if I'm reading the info right. do you want to mod it...
  17. FRANK'S

    Gyro Project For Sale

    Ron use they will pick it up and bring it to your door on the cheap side.
  18. FRANK'S

    Rotax Rick's 670 engine

    Jake Have you not used many Rotax Ricks Engine? or are you just posting this since it's a 2 stroke and eventually they fail?
  19. FRANK'S

    How are you uploading photos here

    Well then should I trust it.......? lol