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  1. FRANK'S

    2003 Yamaha RX-1 for Sale

    I will ride it this winter after fixing it.
  2. FRANK'S

    Bensen B8M for sale at a lost.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD AT A 2K LOST selling good shape complete Bensen B8M gyrocopter I'm selling this at 3000$ CND I'm taking a lost of 2000$ on it but must go. come's complete with all parts and rotor blades and all documentation I have. come with a trailer pay me load it up and go.
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    Benson B8-M Improvements, Upgrades and repower

    Well This is the first Post On a long project. I will be cleaning and repowering my Bensen B8-M I will give it some updated gauge and other equipment like fuel tank and so on. But the Majority of the work will be concentrated on the proper installation of a Yamaha RX1 4 cylinder 1000cc I know...
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    Hello RWF People What Other Hobbies do you Have.

    This Is A Rotor Craft Forum, But most of us Have other hobbies so tell me about your hobbies. For Me Most Of You Will Think It's Childish But I assure you it's not I started this in 1976 at the age of 6 but only got real serious about it in 2008 I'm a airgun fanatic and i'm addicted I buy air...
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    Look What I Just Bought. I'm Happy

    I just bought a Yamaha RX-1, Yes! I been looking for one for a long time, I wanted cheap lowest mileage posible. with lot's of negotiation I was able to get this machine for cheap how cheap well very cheap. Engine sounds great, right in front of customer I connected a vacuum gauge and tested...
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    Hughes 269 Blades

    Hello I have Hughes 269/300 blades on my Gyro. they have to be ran upside down for them to work best on a Gyro, Now I would like to know how good of a blade set are they? they are in perfect condition no nicks or delamination do they perform well enough that it's not worth replacing? I need to...
  7. FRANK'S

    Total weight capabilities of a gyroplane Questions

    Hello all I would need your feedback on a few things in my head. My Bensen B8M has a max pilot weight of 264 lbs { I'm 250 lbs so few lbs to spare } that's with full fuel ready to fly. Now what is the most important factor for Gyroplane total weight capabilities, rotors and rotor Head system or...
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    Yamaha Apex Engine 2006 to 2010 Thanks Teal Sky Trax

    Well Teal J. Has done it one more time. { All pic's are from Teal and so is the info, if ask I will remove them } Posting this Has Information. So now we have a new setup for a engine, Yamaha Apex it's a fuel injection RX1 with a different casing. Teal Sky Trax has build a new setup with...
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    cummings plane gas engine 125hp HELP

    Now you guys got to Read this since I'm not sure on all the info is correct. at 2:30pm today someone rings my door bell. and tell me I saw your Gyroplane I have a engine like that would you be interested in buying it? He tells me that it was filled with oil and wrapped in plastic and in his...
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    Bensen B8-M Continental A65

    Well look at my Add I need to sell my Gyro life change and I need the cash so selling all my toys.
  11. FRANK'S

    My rotor head

    not needed any more
  12. FRANK'S

    Just Putting This out there. Engine build.

    Just putting this out there for open discussion my head is working so much I don't sleep much at night. I think of all types of stuff but mostly mechanic, racing, and Gyroplanes. so this is something that Has been in my head for 5 years plus. this is for a direct drive setup with a propellor in...
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    Working on Gyroplane. Continental A65

    So today I worked on my Gyro. I had tried to start my continental A65 this summer and it did not start try has I may I was unable to get it started. so talked with some guys and we concluded that the carburator must be full of gunk and vanish from sitting with fuel in it so long. The man who...
  14. FRANK'S

    bolt pattern on rotax c box?

    What is the bolt patterns on rotax c box? I look and see 2 or 3 different prop bolt pattern can someone tell me? I'm sure one is Rotax but the others I have no idea. I have a continental 65 and bolt pattern almost looks like the other one.
  15. FRANK'S

    Worked on my continental A65

    today I took the compression on the Continental A65 #4 92 #3 90 #2 91 #1 82 This is not perfect but is very good for a engine that has not ran in over a year. I will Run the engine some time in the next free week and keep you posted on compression result on a warm engine. I...
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    Engine weight on a Bensen B8-M

    so I'm looking at selling My Continental A65 and installing a different power plant. I have a few questions that I'm sure The Bensen Gods know how to guide me. The Engine I have on now is 172 lbs what is the safest max weight I can use 200lbs 220lbs or even 250lbs like a subaru set up? now for...
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    The Fight is Over!

    Well Guys and Girls after over 3 years the fight is over I finally got a non restricted class 3 medical ! it was a hard long battle I had to go to court to prove I was eligible for my Medical class 3 so I pass all the test they gave me and trust me guy and girls there was many test over the...
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    Pra in Canada Active?

    Title pretty much say's it all any Pra Chapters that are active in Canada. Toronto,Montreal Ottawa. and surrounding areas?
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    Continental A65 complete

    Yes Complete Continental A65 Engine from Prop to RPM Gauge. 399Hrs on it. I will Add more pic's later in the week. since this is complete I live in Ontario Canada 1/2 way from Montreal and Ottawa you can come pick it up or have it picked up by your shipper. I will need time to remove it from...
  20. FRANK'S

    Quality Build Bensen B8M with Continental Engine.

    Yes I'm Putting it up for sale my love toy. this is not a junker or a parts machine it's a top quality build with a very proven reliable engine. I will get more photos if someone is interested. Since The rules say I must put a price I will put a price of 9000$ CND OR Best Offer OBO if I don't...