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    Gyros with floats, what are your thoughts and experiences?

    I recently bought some very nice waterfront property here in North Carolina, 346 spring drive Aurora NC for anyone that would like to Google it on maps. I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a gyro with floats tied up to my boat dock, but some folks in the gyro community don't like...
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    License requirement to fly a Coaxial Helicopter

    What license would be required to fly a Coaxial, what category aircraft does it fall into, and can it be built EAB?
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    Rotax 582 Bluehead For Sale

    I have a Rotax 582 Bluehead with a C Box 3.0/1 and Rotax electric starter and exhaust, all with 10 Hours Since New (not rebuilt), asking price is $5000 but I am open to reasonable offers. Call me if you are interested or have questions. I have a custom crate for shipping that will keep it...
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    Dominator hydraulic prerotator parts

    Need help with identifying and purchasing seals for my hydraulic prerotator, the top part with the bendix that engages the rotor flywheel is leaking fluid and I need a source for repair parts. I know it is made by Parker any help would be appreciated. Hope to see everyone at WRENS, if we don't...
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    582 Bluhead for sale

    Hi folks, I have my completely rebuilt 582 Bluehead for sale on Barnstormers under the 2 stroke piston engine classifieds. Please see the ad for all the details. Thanks Wayne McCall AKA Capt'n Gator
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    First Weber powered Gyro takes flight...

    Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes......PYRO LIVES AND FLYS AGAIN, but this time it's not with a two stroke waiting to seize (no names mentioned). Yes PYRO, my Dominator single is the first known gyro to be powered by a Weber 750 naturally aspirated, fuel injected four stroke, pushing 72 hp...
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    Rotax 582 Bluehead For Sale Completely rebuilt

    Folks I am now putting my Rotax 582 Bluehead up For Sale. The Engine was recently completely rebuilt by a Certified Rotax Mechanic who has been working on Rotax engines since 1985. The engine has new Rotax parts to include a new crank, rods, pistons, seals, gaskets, plugs, wires, etc. I can...
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    Pitch setting for 3 blade warp drive

    I was curious what others have their pitch set at on a 3 blade warp drive prop. I will soon start testing my new Weber engine with a 66 inch 3 blade warp drive prop, the engine should develope about 73 hp thru a Rotax C box and RK400 clutch, the ratio is 2.6/:1 I have initially set the pitch at...
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    Need someone around Columbus Ohio

    Looking for someone in the Columbus, Ohio area that can give my friend Frank an introductory ride in a gyro. Frank has helped me greatly on wiring my new Weber 750 engine on my Dominator an has developed an interest in gyros, maybe we can get him hooked. Please provide contact info. Thanks.
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    Dominator measurement needed

    Hi fellow Dominator owners. I need a measurement on a Dom single. With the rotor blades all the way tilted back, how much room is there between the bottom of the rotor blade and the support which runs from the mast to the top of the rudder? In other words, how close does the rotor come from...
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    looking for a couple of things

    Need a Warp Drive prop right hand rotation in the 64-68" range. Also have a friend in need of a VW aircraft engine prefer 1835 or above in good condition, please let me know what you have by PM or call me at 919-632-9743 Thanks
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    prop calculations

    I am sure this has been discussed before but how about a refresher. How do you calculate prop tip speed? What is a reasonable limit? When changing to a different engine how do you determine size of prop, number of blades, reduction ratio, etc. I like learning and I have a pornagraphic memory...
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    PRA Raffle #2

    Does anyone know who won the PRA raffle that was supposed to happen December 28th?????
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    Barnstormers Website

    Anyone else having problems getting connected to Barnstormers Website. I keep getting error 521 something about the website server being down, this has gone on for the past few days.?????????????????????:twitch:
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    RFD Rotorhead

    Does anyone out there in gyro land have a good Rotor head for a Dominator Single that they are willing to part with for a fair price??? Working on a limited budget to rebuild "PYRO" and need some brotherly love...... Thank you very much to my friend Brent Brown who donated six feet of new mast...
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    Rotax 900 3cylinder

    Does anyone know anything about the Rotax ACE 900 4 stroke engine? Could it have an application on a gyro?
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    Rebuild of "PYRO" Dominator single N401Jc

    Well folks, I have been released by the FAA to Rebuild/Part out my Dominator. First question: Should I rebuild or part out??? The cost to rebuild is estimated at somewhere between $7000 - $10,000 with a 582 BH rebuild (which I would than sell, because I won't fly a 2 stroke again) Second...
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    Dominator prerotator

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the belt on a Dominator hydraulic prerotator? It looks like a Goodyear belt but I can't make out the other info. Thanks.
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    push to talk wiring conversion

    Please someone with some communications electrical experience. I currently have the little black square PTT button that you can velco wrap to your cyclic, seatbelt,etc. I have opened it up and it appears to have 3 wires. I have a black foam cyclic grip that has one PTT button in the round...
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    WOW, WOW, & WOW Apollo AR-1

    Well here I am in Zephyrhills, Florida and just completed my Practical Review Training with Greg (Hammerfist) Spicola and my final Checkride with Chris Lord. I am officially a Sportpilot Gyroplane Pilot, I am so excited I can barely breathe. The Masterful Greg (Hammerfist) Spicola was able to...