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  1. twistair

    Rotax-582 mounted vertical?

    I was recently asked by local homebuilder who wants to install a R582 in his ultralight helicopter design. The question is if there are any troubles expected/guaranteed if he installs this engine (without gearbox) with crankshaft vertical? Surfing the Net gave nothing to the moment. The only...
  2. twistair

    Kitbuilt helicopter crashed in Manitoba, Canada, 2 injured Looks like Safari.
  3. twistair

    Jet ski engines in experimental aircraft?

    I was recently asked by a local homebuilder about using jet ski engines for autogyros. Is there any bad or good experience in this? Especially with powerful (~200 hp) engines? My feel is that they can be respectively heavy and can have certain cooling system problems. Any inputs?
  4. twistair

    Rotor blade tensile strength safety margin?

    I found an old article in which Jim McCutchen described their SkyWheels tests and become curious - what safety margin should be provided for rotor blade and blade-to-hub tensile strength? Next question is what is (if any) difference for such strength calculation between, say, DragonWings blade...
  5. twistair

    6061-Т6 temporary de-temper?

    Say, we need to bend 6061-T6 0.032 sheet to shape to form a nose skin for a small horizontal stab or whatever else. And we'd like to make this shape close enough to some certain airfoil. And we don't plan using ribs except of tip and root ones. The plan is to slightly stamp this skin around...
  6. twistair

    Round the world in an autogyro - next attempt

    On March, 31st James Ketchell took off his Magni M16 from Popham airfield (UK) in attempt to fly it round the world (eastbound) according to FAI rules for flying RTW (Round the World). He is now hanging out in Alencon (France) and should move today to Troyes. Very little valuable technical info...
  7. twistair

    Rotor airfoil choice?

    I see that all rotor manufacturers who make extruded blades are using 8H12 airfoil which is a bit strange since this airfoil is told to be not the best for gyros application. It is understandable that Bensen wooden rotors and bonded rotors were limited in airfoil choice due to manufacturing...
  8. twistair

    Aluminium prop repair?

    I've got a request from local guys if there is any method to repair aluminium prop blade if it has certain surface cracks, dents etc. I didn't find any methods other than grinding and polishing blade which apparently changes original airfoil. Thus the question is if blade's surface can be...
  9. twistair

    "Unapproved" message?

    Last time I tried to post on the forum a short message "unapproved" appeared instead of my text which simply missed. Is it anything new at the forum?
  10. twistair

    Looking for a photo of particular Elite Tandem

    I'm looking for a better quality photo of this particular Elite Tandem or for any info about its US reg N. I guess that it was ca. 15 years back, anyway...
  11. twistair

    MTOsport 3D model anybody?

    I'm looking for any 3D model of the MTOsport - want to play with it's exterior to make it more attractive. If anybody has one more or less plausible, please let me know. Rhino, 3D Max, SolidWorks - any model to play with. I saw some rendering of the Tomball Police MTO 3D model in the Internet...
  12. twistair

    Teeth gear ring cracks

    Got a message from an owner who recently purchased and started to fly an MTOsport and a Calidus. After few hours he found multiple cracks on the gear ring. They doesn't look like weared, just cracked like a glass. I wonder if anybody else recently got same problem and how it could be solved...
  13. twistair

    Trixy down in Hungary - wire strike - text and video in Hungarian tongue. Google translation tells pilot is alive with broken leg, no electric shock, airlifted from the crash site. I couldn't understand text for sure but likely Helmut Stern was the pilot...
  14. twistair

    What about HUD helmets?

    One of my current projects is a small quick-disassemble ultralight up to 115 kg empty weight (FAR-103 in your currency) which insistently asks not to overload it with front instrument panel. This is where my question grows from: are there already any more or less proven head-up display helmets...
  15. twistair

    Another one nice day for a gyro student

    Nice day for a Calidus gyroplane student: solo patterns (not the first ones), a "dogfight" with toilet paper, engine stopping and re-run at altitude, couple engine-off landings and some simulated engine-outs at low altitudes.
  16. twistair

    Eliminating torque roll

    Today we tested a simpliest antitorque addon on a Calidus stabilizer to see if it works. First flight shows how a gyroplane without this addon reacts when rotor is unloaded and engine rpm are high. At each attempt one can see apparent roll to the right. Second flight made half an hour later...
  17. twistair

    Spun wheels - pros&cons?

    G'day ya all, I'm choosing wheels for a new projects and considering Hegar spun wheels i.e. amongst other choices. Saw them at Sportcopter Vortex and they look attractive in weight and price but are there any other things to know about...
  18. twistair

    Birthday gift idea - air chase

    One of our fix wing pilotesses got a ride in a Calidus as a birthday gift. After that she told that was the best gift ever. I likely understand her and agree =)
  19. twistair

    Sunny&Foggy day over Kronshtadt

    It was a very spectacular day today. Pity that I shot it with cockpit camera - outside camera definitely would make better picture. Last shot is engine-out made by student - next time he will make it solo.
  20. twistair

    Cavalon new tail boom?

    Got a photo with a Cavalon having black tail boom which as stated is composite now. Anybody with any details on that?