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    OOPS, one more question on airframes.................

    So we know that the standard for a long time has been the square aluminum tube (6061T6 2x2x.125) assembled with cheek plates (6061T6 .125 thick), bolted together with 3/16 or 1/4 AN hardware and nuts, with washers............that is the really heavy part hardware. There have been a few like...
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    Limber Mast Question

    OK , so quite a few questions have been done on 2/rev shake and the stiffness of the mast and using a slider head. If you were to do a tractor gyro, and wanted to use a round mast to prevent using a slider head, with the lower section of the mast (about equal to height of the seat) used for the...
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    Hey Chuck, I want to build a slider head

    Some time ago, before the forum moved to the new software and before my hard drive failed you had given some information to make the slider head. I want to make one for a new gyro, could you post or repost that information please. Thanks Chuck David M. San Jose, CA
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    Hey Chuck, have a question about 3 blade gyro

    Hey Chuck when you built your 3 blade gyro where you use a spider to control cyclic pitch to fly your gyro, what degrees aft did you set the head mast axis? I am tempted to play with a tractor design using a helicopter style head with swashplate cyclic control. I am thinking of using a 4130...
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    Need drawings for a slider head....I have standard head drawings

    I am hoping someone will help out. I have a couple of different sets of drawings for rotor heads, most of the parts are very very similar. I have built the standard head but now I want to make a slider head. If you have a set of drawings or info on making a slider head please send me a copy, if...
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    Power Question on Ultralight Gyros, including Chuck's UL

    I believe if I remember right Dennis Fetters AirCommand 447 gyro flew quite well on a 40hp with a 60in prop, 254lbs and a 23ft rotor Chuck's flew very well with a rotax 503, 50hp stripped as much as possible, 240 lbs and 24ft rotor. I build a KB2 a 90hp MAC, light as possible and flew quite...
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    Hey Chuck, and all you helicopter / gyronuats (spelling deficiency)

    OK yep it has been awhile since I flew a gyro, even longer for a helicopter. With all this time I have with the shut down/stay at home/workshop order I have been doing a bit of thinking and need some feed back from you experienced guys and gals. Ok so as a example we have the common gyro...
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    Question on using spherical bearings as blade pitch bearing?Hey Chuck, could you ring in?

    I used to work on helicopters in the Army and I was always amazed that Bell used spherical bearings on the tail rotor blades. We used to change them out all the time by staking in new ones when the old ones acquired too much play. Why can't you use spherical bearings for the main rotor blades...
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    Hey Chuck, have an idea for a rotorhead, is this possible or just stupid? Advice gladly accepted from all

    I am thinking of using a plain spherical bearing as the bearing for the head to pivot around like in the Stanley head. Then use a CVJ to drive it like the Stanley head, just smaller. The bearing i have in mind is the RBC Bearings B32LSSQ. Series B—L Part...
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    Anyone familiar with Paul Lamar runs a rotary engine site [email protected]

    I have been on the mailing list for about 8 years. I have not seen a forum message for a few months. I checked today and the site is gone and the name is for sale. Anyone know what happened? David M. San Jose, CA
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    Just can't get my head around this description

    Some time ago I found an article on the Scheutzow Stork. I have been doing alot of research on it. I have found everything I could, even did patent searches (in one of the articles it mentioned he was seeking new patents on the head design). I posted a question here and asked if anyone was...
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    motorcycle rear final drive for main rotor transmission question

    what do you have to do to the final drive of a goldwing or harley shaft rear drive to use it for a main rotor transmission? I have seen it used on several single place helicopters. It seems to me it is about the same all up weight of using a chain drive. David
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    Need advice on modifying ultralight rotor head grips......Anyone (and Chuck) that can help

    OK I understand Dynamic Load Rating as the max force the bearing can take and still perform 1 million revolutions Static Load Rating is the max force a bearing can take before deforming. I calculate the Centripetal force of my rotor with a shortened 269 blade, the CG would be 6.5 ft from...
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    Rotormouse plans

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Don Hillberg? I want to purchase a set of his Rotormouse plans David Mikesell
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    Need light weight T/R gearbox for ultralight helicopter

    Please pm pictures and price. Thanks David
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    Rotor Blade tip weights? Looking for reasons to keep them on UL Helicopter? Chuck?

    Ok, so I am getting ready to modify my rotor blades for use in a UL helicopter. The blades are from a Hughes 269. I realize I will loose a lot of inertia if I remove the tip weights, but almost all true UL helicopters are using extruded blades but I never hear if they have tip weights. Plus I...
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    Need advice on designing a light weight tail rotor drive system

    I am looking to make the lightest and simplest tail rotor drive system. I keep coming up with the old style long belt drive system as being the lightest and simplest. Anyone have some advice to a better method? \ Thanks David
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    Helicopter test flight manual needed

    I know that most of the kit built helicopters come with a test flight manual that contains the steps and requirements to move thru the test flights to be safe to move from ground run, hover, and then flight and autorotations. If any of you guys have one, would you please contact me on private...
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    Rotor Heads ie. Choppy, AW95 and Rotorway

    OK, so the bearings in the early Rotorway and the Choppy were 5300 series bearings. I bit of overkill and in the AW95 a lighter use 5200 series bearing. The BIGGEST problem I can see with these early designs was that one side of the bearing was uncovered, so the grease would sling out in a...
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    What is the best way to shorten a Hughes 296 Main Rotor Blade?????

    So Glenn Bundy emailed me yesterday that the blades are 12 ft long. I know quite a few of you guys flew them on gyros, and quite a few flew them on single seat and two seat helicopters. Some with the tip weights installed, some cut the tip a few inches to lessen the weight and then reinstalled...