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    The only thing thats bothered me as I get older is loosen control while up there through sum sort of incapacitation. It happened a coupla days ago. Was fat n happy, just cruisen, wen for no reason at all, POP, my back. Iv had issues lately with the spine, but never thought sumthn as relaxing as...
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    Our local dogfight

    This time every year a few blokes recon a ride on one of my bulls is a good idea. :)
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    Close proximity?

    For those who recon small single seat helis have no use. This clown seems to have found one. ;)
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    Way off topic

    This question has nuthn to do with aviation. Dose anyone have access to a graph, similar to the one below, but in GPH, ( or LPS) with a range of 100 to 10 000 GPH, usen the 90* notch method...
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    an objective analysis of accident vid hope the link works. in an attempt to understand the physics of a torqueroll and PPO incident,and that ol mate didn't die in vain, ill give a rough description of the sequence of events. going by the time posted in the video, things happened as follows; 20-21...
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    Constructive vidio analisys. (Please)

    Iv just seen footage of the Dubi accident, sent from sumone who wishs to remain nameless. I dont know how to put it up here, so i cant help any in that respect, but if a SCG in the middle of an OZ desert can get it, SURELY sumone else has it. But i will say one thing thats very odvious from the...
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    Gun nuts.

    Anyone ere knowlegable bout the workings of the double action S&W .44 mag? Mines got issues. :(
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    Need to clear my head Jordan

    Lets assume you fire a 5 gram bullet from a gun with a 1m long barrel aimed straight up and the bullet leaves the barrel at 300 m/s. Lets also assume that the bullet's velocity as it leaves the barrel is its maximum (final) velocity and we do this in a vacuum (no drag). Also to make the...
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    Tear jerker

    Brings back sum ( not so ) old memories.
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    Remind you of sumthn Bones? The lower the sun gets, the shorter the fuse is. My machine aint as pretty, but i know wot he,s thinkn.
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    ATT Rick E

    Mate, i cant git onto the new ***** oz forum, but read where your askn bout that opal poison. Dont touch it. I wouldnt use it to start a fire, coz it wouldnt. And dont believe any of the crap the sperts tell you, coz its crap. There is a reason why they flog it off out ere, and its not the '...
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    Too much money

    Either theres too much money in NZ or venison is worth its weight in gold. ;)
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    Situational awareness

    Sum people just dont have it. :confused:
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    Handy machine. :rolleyes:
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    Rotor tune gurus, figure this one

    I know a bloke who has been flyn a CH-7B for a couple years and has dun bout 750 hours. Over this time, specialy the last couple hundred hours, he,s noticed the stick gradually shake more n more. Nuthn serious, but reckoned it was time to do a super tune. Now, this bloke, we,ll call him Spaz...
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    Missing thread

    Giorgos started a thread bout HTLs and ( I think torque roll), but I can't find it. Wot happened?
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    Helicopter pitch stability?

    I'm not the sharpest tool on the rack, but I'm haven trouble understandn why small choppys are pitch unstable. In a hover, the RTV is strate down through the COM. To move forward, you lean the RTV "top forward"' so it now passes aft of the COM. If it's aft of the COM, why dose it pitch nose down...
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    Effects of wind shear.

    Iv lifted this off Vances thread coz, tho relivant, its anatha tangent his thread can ill afford. Id appreaciate the high hour pilots, hostile condition pilots, low level pilots and instructers of all levels to contribute, coz its about learning, not ego. Knowlage saves your ass, not pride. An...
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    Flying in a parcel of air; the myth.

    First up, if the only time your below 200' is wen you take off or land, dont bother readn any further.:wave: The only time you could possably be flying ina parcel of air is if you were flying around the inside of a huge balloon,[ heilum, not hot air] or a 1x1x1 mile closed hanger. Has anyone...
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    Down wind landing gyros.

    Iv lifted this paragraph off Vances 180* DW turn thread, coz i think its nearly ended, with positive results, and i dont want to stuff it up by thrown anatha cat at the pigions. Sumone said; But I do worry that for every one of us posting there are 50 less experienced pilots reading this...