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    perrysplus Wanted to See a H/V Diagram

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    Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certificates (MOSAIC) rules. Have you folks heard of this yet? I just read in my Sept. EAA magazine. When it gets into law in the FAR's, the owner of a small (by FAA definition) legacy aircraft that was certificated under Part 23 can convert its...
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    Hey Folks, Different materials have different CTE's (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). I use the principle every day in my job when designing Invar, Steel, Aluminum, or Composite build molds and tooling for advanced composite aircraft parts. I admit however, that when it comes to my main...
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    I Never Knew

    I've been a helicopter enthusiast since childhood (I'm 58) and I have never heard of a Del Mar DH-20 .
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    What are These?

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    Static Mast

    I was reading on the MD Helicopters website about some of the design details of the 500 & 600 series machines. The idea of a hollow static mast that does not spin with the spinning rotor attached to IT at the top is genius. Then the drive mast (which can be very small diameter) spins inside...
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    HELICOPTERES GUIMBAL CABRI G2. Looks like this N852MG is registered to The Georgia Aviation Authority. They are the central controlling agency for ALL Georgia, including the Georgia State Patrol Aviation Division.
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    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    So that I can be finished by early spring...I`m tearing the Mini-500 apart to do a DEEP-DIVE 25 hour inspection. Since I have had more chip lights than expected on the MRGB, I am going to lift the entire rotor/gearbox, still assembled, off the frame and lay it over on its side. Then I will...
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    Settling With Power

    Topic: The Vuichard Recovery: A Better Way Out of the Vortex Ring State Offered at HAI HELI-EXPO 2017 On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 13:00 Central Standard Time Location: Dallas, TX 75202 Select Number: EA2573660 Description: Through the years, settling with power or the vortex ring state...
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    Merry Christmas

    Christmas Card 2016 From My Employer to You :)
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    Honda Goldwing ???

    I have never read or seen where anyone attempted to adapt a GW horizontally opposed 4 cylinder 4 stroke to aviation. I have a friend who is attempting it right now. It is a very smooth Swiss Watch and I hope he is successful. is last report to me is that the only thing that is giving him a...
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    Just Flying The Mini-500

    I flew the Mini-500 to the Rome, Georgia airshow today. This is the longest ride I have taken in it. The 582 performed flawlessly on both the 20 minute "TO" flight, and the 16 minute "FROM" trip. I tested speed all the way up to 90 MPH. 70 is super comfortable. 80 feels a little out of it`s...
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    Tired Of My Mini-500

    Well Folks, My tenacity is used up. I went for a 10 mile flight yesterday after getting my more robust cyclic pivot installed. It may be because I am almost 20 years older, much wiser, and 70 pounds heavier, but I just can`t muster up as much confidence in this machine as I had in the one I...
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    Mercedes Seems to be Supporting SMART Car Engine in Aircraft 3-cylinder 80.5 HP / 99 HP (turbo) Dual Bosch Ignition 126 pounds 5800 RPM Continuous
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    Millennium Helicopters Folks

    I am not an antagonistic guy and do NOT have ill-will toward anyone. I really wished John Higginbotham and Rick Hawkinberry success at Millennium with their helicopters. I went to the website occasionally for reference, borrowed tools from them, and bounced ideas around with them sometimes...
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    Best Idea Fastest Track To Beinq a Pilot

    80% of the knowledqe and skill required to become a licensed pilot is not aircraft-type-specific. Getting a rating in any rotorcraft is a hassle at best, due to the scarce nature of rental aircraft and instructors. It is also much more costly. This is the best idea since sliced bread. Pilot...
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    Cramps and Flyinq ?

    I was awakened last niqht in SEVERE pain caused by a cramp in my riqht calf muscle. I was totally incapacitated for maybe 15 -30 seconds and 100% of my concentration was on stoppinq the cramp. I had never experienced this before and this morninq I am still very sore from it. It was...
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    Balancinq -- PB-3 for $40

    Guys & Gals, I was discussinq with my flyin buddy...that I am just about prepared to PLOP DOWN $600 or $700 for a PB-3 balancer. I told that I would think $700 was a cheap price for beinq able to qet out of a casket If I ever found myself in one ;) I told him that the frequency analysis...
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    Rotax 582 Stator Issues

    I removed the flywheel and maqneto to qet ready to install the new one when it qets here. There is evidence that the flywheel maqnets have been rubbinq on the riqht side coils. The left side had not been rubbinq. You can tell by the presence of shiny metal edqes of the plates and the qreen...
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    Meggittt My Employer Mosquito

    I work at Meggitt. I sure wish their Tarqet Systems division was in North GA.