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    Salam Aga Jan I have rotax 582 Air Command single seat frame and 25 feet Mc Chutchen Blades...

    Salam Aga Jan I have rotax 582 Air Command single seat frame and 25 feet Mc Chutchen Blades. this is the best in the world. Let me know if you are interested. Regards
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    lost account

    Brent Brown welcome back. Many have vanished. It took me a year or so to get back. Like starting a new life. Starting from Welcome mat seems the case. Glad to see Steve_UK still here and sooth things out. Hope to see the crowd back, May be Ron Awad can be requested back for pray he gets bitten...
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    Hello Gordon. Glad to see you on the forum with all those wonderful gyros you own. Ill be more...

    Hello Gordon. Glad to see you on the forum with all those wonderful gyros you own. Ill be more then happy to assist you and being a friends would be an honor for me. Regards
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    AR-1 Gyroplane enclosed/convertible on its way

    That's the way to go. Make sure you maintain the exotic lines and curves of AR-1, a canopy for enclosure is a wise decision rather re designing a already wonderful gyro. Good luck and wish you all the best. Rehan
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    Merry Christmas to all of you Gyro peple.

    Merry Christmas to you and family. We just need an excuse to celebrate, will celebrate again for the new year and of course we have two christmases and a new year for our own. Have lots of fun be good and Fly safe. With Regards
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    Merry Christmas...

    Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings. Good to be a day early across the pond. With Regards.
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    Happy Birthday Rick Martin!

    Happy Birthday Rick. Enjoy the day, have lots of fun and fly safe.
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    Happy Birthday John Rountree!

    Happy Birthday John May you have many more, enjoy the day and fly safe. Your efforts are highly appreciated and Thank you for keeping all the crazy gyro heads together.
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    Happy Birthday Rehan K.Janjua!

    Thank You John Your remarkable efforts to keep the PRA and RWF going is appreciated. We all rotorheads get our daily dose here. Best Regards. Rehan
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    Happy Birthday Rehan K.Janjua!

    Hello Vance Thank You and am honored to have these greetings from you. Im a fan of yours since I was 18 years old, late 70s, lived in LA. CA for 10 short years and spent an important part of my life riding and flying AirCommands with Roraks and Roger Wood from Lampok Stanton CA. Desperately...
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    Bravo Abid you are de man. That's the way it should be. You need need lots of advertisement, make up a good demonstration presentation video, put as many videos as possible on youtube and sorts. June was way back and now people know. Wish you all the success and popularity. Regards.
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    Add Three Words

    There once was a gyroplane pilot who built a high thrust line AirCommand gyro that had red rotors and a voluptuous tail that went on a huge stabiliser and was flown in to the Gyro Beauty Contest. The judges thought.. "Wow two Engines", how does this make it go? The crowd was predominantly...
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    'Bob' Hoover dies at 94

    Condolences may his sole rest in peace. A brave honoured soldier and unprecedented seat of the pants pilot. Saddened and shall miss him.
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    Glad you got the hang of it. A Rattler will certainly rattle in the beginning. But all rattling is not bad. Good luck and fly safe. Regards
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    The World's First Fatal Autogyro Accident

    Hello Rod Thank You for sharing. Its pilot error many a times. Many certified autogyros were flying at that time and Bensen started building Kits. In 1955 he could have done better compared to light gyros design of UK Germany Finland Japan etc. Regards
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    Horizontal stab location

    Hi all I have a NCLT AirCommand with twin tails. Keeping both worlds happy while staying alive. Rarely discussed Stabilator is also a wonderful rotor stabilizer. Regards
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    Stay with the original system. Proper engagement technique needs to be applied. Use the rubber wheel as soft clutch to start the rotors and maintain engine rpm to +-2500 and slowly rotor rpm increases till fully engaged, now slowly increase throttle to recommended min rotor rpm. You will be...
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    AR-1 export to China

    Congrats Fara Glad you are getting closer to the main trade. SilverLight International. Specially US made product still carries its weight. Made in USA means a lot. Currency has been opened and has sustained since decades by now, perhaps too long for the Americans to realize. Go for it, China...
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    Happy Birthday Ron Awad!

    Happy Birthday Ron Have lots of fun and enjoy the day. With my very best Wishes.