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    Butterfly tail

    A former student of mine, Dan Lecuyer, has a Butterfly T-tail assembly complete for sale. He's switched to an RFD tall tail. $700. Contact Dan at [email protected] I've flown his Butterfly with this tail several times. The manufacturer states that the composite is based on Kevlar...
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    Forum look 'n feel

    Is it possible for me to change the type size and color of the Forum pages that I'm reading? This microscopic, light blue print is murder on the eyes. Thanks, Mike or whoever.
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    Norm Surplus in E. NY.

    Here are a couple pictures, courtesy of Dan Lecuyer. Dan is a Butterfly pilot from the Glens Falls, NY area (on the Vermont border). He encountered Norm Surplus passing through Glens Falls on his way to Maine. In the second photo, Dan is thinking about what he can sell to get himself a spiffy...
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    Broken head pivot bolt

    The PRA circulated a notice today of a Monarch gyro's pitch-pivot bolt that broke in service -- fortunately before the gyro left the ground. There was plenty of damage to the gyro, though. This is pretty disturbing. On paper, the usual AN6 pivot bolt has a shear strength of around 9,000 lb...
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    22nd Yankee Ultralight Flyin

    This is a nice regional U.L. flyin on the New Hampshire coast. This year, it will run from July 4 to July 13. The first four days focus on the public; after that, pilots hang out, fly, go on group Harley rides and such. The site, Ted Sanderson's field, is park-like, with a strictly private...
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    Butterfly at NH U.L. Flyin

    My former student, Dan LeCuyer, will be bringing his Metro-launch equipped 503 Butterfly to the Yankee Ultraight Flyin in Greenland, New Hampshire this weekend. I imagine it will fly and not just be a static display. It's a nice machine that anyone who hasn't seen one should check out.
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    Grant Simpson - 5/14 N.Z. crash

    Has any information come to light? Has Grant's passenger recovered enough to provide any facts? How about the witnesses?
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    Design by the Numbers?

    Technical discussions on this Forum sometimes make me uneasy. Once someone posts some numbers, or predictions about a given design based on numbers, the discussion soon drifts into the "nihilist zone." That is, the zone where theory means nothing. Where the simple, universal laws of nature...
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    U.S. Xenon Drivers: Help LSA Effort

    Those who fly Xenon gyros in the U.S. can easily help change the FAA's mind about gyros. Here's how and why: Factory-finished Light Sport Aircraft (LSA's) may be sold under the Light Sport Aircraft regulations if they comply with certain standards and have passed certain tests. This system...
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    The latest PRA magazine contained some beautiful photography of gyros at Mentone. There must be a story behind the picture of Ron Awad flying in his socks and letting fly with a pair of shoes. I'm surprised no one else is curious...
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    Bensen Days 2010

    It seems ridiculously early, but Lady Friend works in the NICU at the regional hospital and has to declare vacation over 6 months ahead. Soooo... Has the date for the next BD been set? If so, what is it?
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    Nostalgic Moment

    The fortieth anniversary of the Woodstock festival is this weekend. I was too young to go (having just graduated from 8th grade), but I recall that the rock-radio stations here in the Northeast were alive with chatter about the event. I was engaged in a more personally life-changing event of...
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    Rotorway crash

    A Rotorway 162 crashed and burned in Barre, Vermont over the weekend. The lone occupant died. Witnesses reported what they described as engine sputtering, followed by a freefall and fire.
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    Here's some fun Halloween reading that just might apply to gyro discussions.
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    hurricane Coriolis

    Here's a fun little homework problem for all you fans of the Coriolis effect. Hurricane Ike displayed classic Coriolis behavior. As it moved north, it hooked northeast. That's exactly what you'd expect. The hurricane started out having the velocity of the surface of the Earth (caused by the...
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    Francisco Caleros/Franfe

    Francisco, I tried to return your email about the Watson tail, but my reply would not go through. Please get in touch again if you wish. Perhaps you could use the Forum Private message feature. Doug
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    Propwash article

    A few people may have glanced at my article in the latest PRA magazine. There's a typo that's misleading and contradicts what we actually found. In the diagram of the propwash of Mike Gaspard's gyro, there are two test points labelled #3, but none labelled #4. The one lower in the picture is...
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    Other forms of fun

    Inquiring minds want more info about Forum participants. Here's a little from last Fall. You may have to navigate to "Stories -- North America."
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    Newbie gets hosed

    I had a kinda depressing phone call the other day. A fellow from here in New England called. He's a Bronze Star Vietnam vet, now retired on disability. He consequently doesn't have gobs of money. Nevertheless, he took out a home equity loan and bought a used RAF 2000 for $27K. He wanted me...
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    Effect of HTL on performance

    Ron Marlett and I were having a discussion of the effect of HTL on gyro performance on the thread about causes of RAF crashes. HTL certainly causes crashes. Much as I'd like to say it hurts performance, too, it doesn't -- necessarily. Many people believe that it does. The logic is that, if...