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    Gyrobee flying

    The weather was perfect yesterday for a quick jaunt around the airport. Having a blast flying!! My Gyrobee has a 447 and 24' Dragon Wing blades. Airport elevation is 3200' with DA usually over 4500'.
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    Gyrobee flying

    Made my 2nd trip away from the comfort of the airport this past Saturday! The grin will not leave!
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    Returning to airport

    Had a wonderful flight yesterday! About 50* and some wind.
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    Rotor rpm

    I am having a problem so thought I'd ask the knowledgeable people for some help. I have Gyrobee with 447 and 24' DW blades. Am just learning and have done some runway flying only. In Sept., I went to the airport to do some more practicing and my rotor blades will not come up to speed like they...
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    Some Fancy Flying

    These guys are good!!
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    torque specs

    I am needing to know the torque specs for the Dragon wing blades. I need them for the strap bolts and for the teeter bolt. Any help will be appreciated!! Kent
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    I am new to gyros and have a question. I bought a 'Gyrobee' that was being flown around the Houston, Tx area. I live in SE New Mexico- elevation 3150'. Doing a static run up with the 447 and only getting 6250 - 6300 rpm. What do I need to do to get the rpms up? Different jets in the carb? DA in...
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    packing rotor blades

    I need some info please! Have to transport some rotor blades and need to know what is the best way to do this. What kind of box do I need to build? Have bought a gyro and am not sure of box dimensions to make to haul them home. Any ideas would be of a great help!