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    Gyro Tech vs Sportcopter Blades

    All, I'm just looking for pros vs cons of Gyro Tech or Sportcopter blades for an RAF 2000. Not a question about rotor heads, that's a different issue (albeit related). Thoughts on efficiency, lifespan and rotating moment of inertia, hub design, etc. Stew
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    Castering nosewheel?

    Does anyone know of a castering nosewheel design for the RAF? I've got to modify my nose gear anyway (my modified machine sits 2" higher than stock) so wondered if there was a better nose gear design that someone had fabricated in the past. Ideally I'd like a setup that allowed steering with...
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    Electric Roll Trim

    I'm considering fitting electric roll trim to my machine but would like to know what is involved before I commit to anything. Does anyone have photos of the installation, or even better, a scan of the installation instructions from RAF? Also, I know quite a few people fly with electric pitch...
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    RAF 1000 Questions

    How many built? When did they stop building them? What engines did they get fitted with? Just curious and looking for some history.
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    Horizontal and Vertical Stab design & construction

    I am currently designing a HS with tip VS(s) for my CLT RAF 2000 project. The configuration will be broadly similar to Ronnie Legge's BCAR Section T stab but the mounting system will allow mounting at 0, 1, 2 or 3 deg negative incidence. The inverted DAE 41 aerofoil section provides a Cl of...
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    Min Pwr / Best RoC speed and cruise speeds.

    What min power/best RoC speed are people getting with their RAFs? What RoC are you getting? Has anyone noticed a change with a stab (and keel drop?) fitted? Engine fitted? Airfield Elevation? What cruise speed to you use and what fuel flow do you get a cruise? I know Larry has mentioned he...
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    Been hanging around

    Hi all, I've been lingering for some years but only joined recently. I'm a military rotary pilot and instructor and am building an upgraded RAF 2000. Love the forum, love the banter.
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    CLT kit / plans

    Gents, This is my first post on this forum so go easy on me. First, I have a 2002 RAF 2000 2.5 GTX kit that is 10% standing on its wheels and 90% still in the crate. I bought it when still single so going trans-Atlantic 5 times a year on leave (I'm a Canadian in the Royal Air Force). 12...