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    Air Command Elite For Sale

    Florida based full dress unique paint modified beauty. See it fly on YOUTUBE and Ad on Barnstormers
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    electric trim

    has anyone created an electric trim for the air command elite airframe?
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    The new Skywheels

    Thanks Jake, you put your chart up while I was developing my question and did not see it in time. However, does your chart true considering the new airfoil in use? Did talk to Jim and he said longer is better--bird flies both slower and faster with a longer blade. ???
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    The new Skywheels

    As I move toward the purchase of the new Skywheels, the question is what length? Different chord, different airfoil! How do I calculate what length I need to not be under or over disced?
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    Spindle Bolt. AN or Special?

    Having to change out my main "Jesus" bolt on a 23 year old Air Command Elite rotor assembly. It looks an AN8-34 but what is the possibility that it should be a special use forced type bolt. All weight and g load focus on the head of this bolt. What do folks use in their various builds?
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    Looking for new rubbers!

    Thanks to all Thanks to all I called Air Command and they actually answered the phone and in short order sent me what I needed. Thanks for all offers of advise.
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    Looking for new rubbers!

    Now that I have your attention, my twenty three year old Air Command is in need of replaceing the rubber mounts in the mask shock assembly. Can anyone tell me where I might find them? Thanks for your help
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    My 23 year old Air Command is in need of replacement rubber mounts on the mask shock assembly...

    My 23 year old Air Command is in need of replacement rubber mounts on the mask shock assembly. Can someone point me in the right direction for a source? Thanks
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    New Year's get together at Wauchula

    Help for meals Help for meals Rick, Judy and Art are planning to provide a baked vegatable side dish for a meal offering and a crock pot full of a special bean soup; more like a chili than a soup. Will arrive on the 27th; hope this will be useful for the meal planning.
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    "Your best or most awesome picture of your GYRO/ HELO sitting on the ground"

    My Modified AC My Modified AC Made a number of changes; the eagle flies like a dream
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    23 ft Sky Wheels

    Looking for a good servicible SKy Wheels rotor blade 23 ft; let me hear what may be out there and available.
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    Bensen Days Contest Rules

    Well, just to muddy the water, I thought I heard last year the egg drop was 200 Ft and 40 mph. Will there be a briefing before the contest so all have the same info?
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    Bensen Days Contest Rules

    Going to be flying for the first time at Bensen Days and will want to enter the spot landing and egg drop contests. What are the rules for these events. Can someone official provide me guidance? Thanks
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    New years at wauchula!

    Rick, Valkaria Art is considering flying the Air Command over on friday and back on Sunday. Winds and Temps have to cooperate but the question of how to eat, sleep and stay warm comes into question as well. I can only carry what I can stuff into my jacket. What is available for me at CHN?
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    Wauchula Labor Day get to gether!

    Thanks to all who made Penguin and I feel welcome and well provided for. We wanted for nothing;food and accommodation perfect. We left out early Sunday for home with a stop at River Ranch so as to avoid excessive headwinds. That worked out fine but we did not anticipate the low ceiling...
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    What type of radio?

    Helmet and headset decisions are the easy part. I am still struggling to make my Icom transmit a readable message over the "noise" created by my Rotax 582 at rpm's over 4000. Maybe folks could chime in on their set of helmet,headset,antenna,radio that actually works. I do know for certain that...
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    Wauchula Labor Day get to gether!

    Are you talking about going over Saturday and coming back Sunday. If so, Im in.
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    Forum activity low

    When to post and when not to post, that is the question! When you have a question that others with experience can provide feedback, that's a good time. When your personal knowledge or experience could be a contribution to others, that's a good time. When you have produced something that you...
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    Mike, question is how do I install an avatar with two alternating photos. I put one up fine but...

    Mike, question is how do I install an avatar with two alternating photos. I put one up fine but do not see a way to add a second without replacing the first. Thanks, Art
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    Air Command Final Rework

    According to the last Weight and Balance done in 2001, the empty weight is 386.0 lbs; max gross weight listed at 750 lbs. I have moved things around a bit but haven't added much weight in the process so these numbers should be close.