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    Air Command Elite For Sale

    Florida based full dress unique paint modified beauty. See it fly on YOUTUBE and Ad on Barnstormers
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    electric trim

    has anyone created an electric trim for the air command elite airframe?
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    Spindle Bolt. AN or Special?

    Having to change out my main "Jesus" bolt on a 23 year old Air Command Elite rotor assembly. It looks an AN8-34 but what is the possibility that it should be a special use forced type bolt. All weight and g load focus on the head of this bolt. What do folks use in their various builds?
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    Looking for new rubbers!

    Now that I have your attention, my twenty three year old Air Command is in need of replaceing the rubber mounts in the mask shock assembly. Can anyone tell me where I might find them? Thanks for your help
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    23 ft Sky Wheels

    Looking for a good servicible SKy Wheels rotor blade 23 ft; let me hear what may be out there and available.
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    Bensen Days Contest Rules

    Going to be flying for the first time at Bensen Days and will want to enter the spot landing and egg drop contests. What are the rules for these events. Can someone official provide me guidance? Thanks
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    Hand held Icom/transmit problem

    I use two different Icom hand helds on my 582 powered Air Command. I can receive OK but transmit so others can understand me only when engine is at idle. Transmissions are worthless to others with power settings for flight. I have used both the rubber stick antenna and the antenna built into...
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    Air Command Final Rework

    Presenting to the forum my version of a revised Air Command Elite. Note the photos as was purchased last Oct from Larry Boyer; then the changes, engine turned upright and lowered prop to within 1 and 1 half inch of keel. Tail feathers moved back 13 in. Note that mast is the taller "super...